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 So many people want kittens, they sometimes walk right by those cats that aren’t as little or young as the crazy kittens that run crazy around the center as they discover all the wonders at their paws.

So this February, the spotlight is on those “teenage” cats that have been waiting a while for their furever homes. 

Some of these cats aren’t on cam as much as others, so we thought it was important to highlight them and hopefully someone out there will see their pic, read their story or see them on cam and realize these “slightly older than kittens” are loving, wonderful cats who have so much love to give and ask for love in return.

I know what you are thinking.  “I live 1,000 miles away, I can’t possibly adopt one of these cats.”  But if you are ready to adopt, you can adopt from a local humane society or rescue and maybe hearing about teenage cats will prompt you to take a closer look at these cats as they go through their wonder years.

Or if you know of someone who is ready to adopt a cat, maybe you can spread the word:  Kittens are great, but so are teenagers and senior cats.

If you live near FFRC, or want to travel there, you know the cats available for adoption are all spayed/neutered.  All the cats have been tested and vaccinated.   They receive regular flea prevention.  And they live in an environment that helps to create a socially adjusted cat that has no fear, gets along well with other cats and yes, even dogs.

The $90 adoption fee is a fraction of the cost that has been spent on ensuring these cats are healthy and ready for a home that is willing to care for them and love them indoors in an environment where they will thrive and be a companion for many, many years.

Each week in February we will spotlight one such cat, which is ready for his or her home.  Their stories will appear in the main FB page, the chatters page and the FFRC website.

Throughout the month during nightly updates, Jacci will help to educate us all on teenage cats.

February is Open your Heart to a Teenage Cat month at FFRC.  So let’s sit back, open our hearts and hear about some very special cats that have waited long enough for their furever home.