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Sylvan -- From the Woods

Name: Sylvan

Birthday: August 15, 2007

Came to live in Cats Cove: February, 2009

Favorite Treat/Toy: Bonito Flakes

Greetings from Cats Cove!  I’m Sevaun and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  Wow, time really flies, seems like we were just chatting yesterday!  Today we have a Special Guest from the Cove, give it up for Sylvan! 

Hi everyone, I’m Sylvan and I thought I’d begin by telling you a little about my name.  As you know cats don’t pick their names, our human friends give them to us.  I’ve known cats that have names that just don’t match them.  I once knew a Happy who was the most miserable cat I’ve ever met.  Then there was this cat named Tiny who weighed 22 lbs on a good day.  Thank goodness all us cats here in the Cove have names that make sense.  My name for example means “from the woods”.  Really, it does, I googled it. 

And you know what? I used to live in the woods.  In fact I lived in the woods for the first year and half of my life.  I was born August 15, 2007.  I don’t remember that day, but I do the next few weeks.  It was hot.  Food was hard to come by.  But my momma did the best she could.  When I was old enough  to be on my own I would always be so busy, looking out for other animals that were bigger than me and making sure they didn’t see me.  I learned to blend in real well, which is easier when you are a grey tiger cat.  Sometimes I wish I was a calico though.  They really blend in well. 

My first winter was hard.  Food becomes so scarce in the woods in the winter.  Everyone is fighting for what is available and some days it just too darn cold to even venture out from safe shelter.

I didn’t really meet many people in the woods.  Sometimes I would venture out of the woods into town and it was just so scary.  So many moving machines, some much bigger than others and boy do they go fast. 

I didn’t really know what to make of people either.  There are so many in town.  They always seem so busy and I don’t think many even noticed me.  I would always be sure to keep my distance.  But I saw some people once watching me.  The seemed very interested in me.  They even tried to trick me into getting into this big box with them.  They thought they could bribe me with tuna.  But I outsmarted them.  Of course when I went back to the woods, I was so hungry, I almost wished they had been successful. 

Then one day I was walking out of the woods.  This woman, her name is Nancy, was looking all around making strange noises and yelling “here Kitty, here kitty.”  I’m not sure who Kitty was, but she seemed really intent on finding him. 

Then an amazing thing happened.  I saw this contraption that looked like I should avoid it, but it had the biggest plate of fish I had ever seen and I was so hungry.  So I slowly crawled inside.  As soon as I was in, the door to it closed and I was trapped!  I was so scared, but at least I had a plate of food.  Then Nancy said “it’s ok, you’re going to be just fine.  I’m taking you to Jacci’s.  You’re life will never be the same.”

So she carried me in that contraption and put me in one of those moving vehicles and we drove for awhile. 

When I first met momma Jacci, I must admit, I wasn’t very nice.  I was not happy about being in a cage.  She told me it was only for a few days, but I had never been so confined in my life. She poked me with this needle and even though it really didn’t hurt, I made her think it did.  She felt bad and gave me some treats.  She said I was negative, but I think I’m a pretty positive cat.  But she seemed to think being negative was good, so I pretended to be in a bad mood. 

I really like it here.  I get all my meals, get to run outside but always come home when momma Jacci calls.  If I ever get sick, I get medicine and then feel better.  Once I had a really bad cold and all the cats kept telling me to take some Coriciden,  but momma Jacci knew best and gave me some pills for about a week and my cold went away. 

Well, that’s a little about me, Sylvan, the cat from the woods.  Sevaun, back to you! 

Thanks, Sylvan…hmm wonder want my name means.  What’s that Sylvan, it means sea otter?  Hmmm, where can I find that google thing? 

Well it’s Friday and I just don’t believe in exercising on Friday’s so we’ll just say good night for now.  Remember, this is Sevaun from Cats Cove saying: 

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!