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Soy Boy -- The Aloof Cat

Name: Soy Boy

Birthday: July 15, 2007

Came to live in Cats Cove: July, 2008

Favorite Treat/Toy: Fancy Feast Appetizer shredded chicken and beef flavor

Soy Boy
Hello everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  I’m Sevuan your host!  Today we have a very Special Guest from Cats Cove, our very own Soy Boy.

 Soy Boy, take it away!

 Hey, I’m Soy Boy.  I’m told I have to tell you a little about myself.  I have no idea what this whole thing is about.  I missed the two meetings Sevuan had on it.  I’m not really into the whole meeting scene.  Just cut to the chase and tell me what I have to do.  Meetings are for nerd cats. 

Anyway I’ll be 5 years old on July 15.  I came to live here in July, 2008 when I was one year old.  My friend Janice brought me here.  She said she felt sorry for me living on the streets so she thought I’d like it here better.  I thought I’d give it a try, but let me tell you something so there is no misunderstanding;  Janice NEVER mentioned that as soon as I got here, I would be taken into the clinic, given some sleeping medication and then wake up with certain parts of my lower body missing.  I looked for them for days and finally came to the conclusion they had been STOLEN. 

Boy, that didn’t sit too well with me.  I mean I was a care-free roaming cat with no obligations.  I went where I wanted and had the ladies lining up to go out on the town on dates.  Janice just said “you’ll get love, food, shelter.  You’ll be safe.”  Well my love life isn’t what it used to be I can tell you that.  But all in all, I really do like it here.  I get my meals and there is always some snacks to nibble on in the middle of the day or night.  Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I just chomp on the stuff in the bowls.  It’s really pretty good stuff.  Momma Jacci says I weigh 13 lbs.  I think I’m slim compared to Sevuan.   

Sometimes in the summer I like to even stay out at night.  Momma Jacci doesn’t like it, but I only do it when it’s really nice out and you can see the stars shining bright.  And on those nights when I do stay out, momma Jacci has this shed that we can go in.  It has a cat door and inside there are cushions and blankets for us.  Sometimes I just need a break from all the other cats, especially those terrible tortie’s.  Wow, do they have a bad tortitude sometimes.  I’ve been smacked more than once by La Donna.  But she’s cool.  We’re ok afterwards.  She just keeps yelling….”you just stay RIGHT over there.”  I’m NOT afraid of her, but hey, I’ll play along and keep the peace. 

When I’m outside, my favorite thing to do is chase the peacocks.  Man, they can run.  But they don’t know how to play fair.  I’m supposed to chase them.  But sometimes they turn on me and chase me around.  How crazy is that.  I mean, I’m the cat.  It’s just not right them chasing them.  But they get their feathers all in an uproar and just start making those stupid noises and then it’s CHARGE.  So I just come back in the Cove and they leave me alone. 

The best, I mean the very best thing about living here is that I get belly rubs.  Martha and Pat are the best at that.  And Stacey always takes a few minutes when she does her cleaning in here to give me a little belly rub.   

So we sometimes get these things called Fancy Feast Appetizers.  Oh, my garsh…they are like, well they are better than anything you could ever imagine.  The chicken and shredded beef is the best, the absolute best.  When we get those, I forgive momma Jacci for that whole surgery thing. 

I get along with all the other cats, but I don’t really have any best friends.  I’m kind of a cool loner.  I do miss my friend George though.  He was a good buddy.  I miss my friend Laura Lee too.  She sure was strange looking, but we would have fun on the farm running around.  She would never spit t at me.  We just enjoyed running around.  I try not to get too emotional over things, but I was really sad when she passed away.  We were all kinda quiet for a few days after that.  And when George passed, well sorry, I can’t really talk about it.  But hey, you know  I heard this once and thought it was neat. 

“Sometimes life leaves us no choice but to move on from those we love but that does not mean we stop loving, caring and missing them.”  Yeah, I like that.  I think my good buddy George would like that too.   

Well that’s all I got.  I think I’ll go and chase myself some peacocks today.  Bye.  Back to you Sevaun. 

Thanks Soy Boy.  Remember, no Tigers game tonight, they played this afternoon.   

Ok everyone let’s get to our daily exercise.  Now let’s really push ourselves today.  OK, sit.  Take your back leg and scratch your ear.  Keep scratching.  Just a little longer.  OK, that’s it.  Wow, that was great!  I feel great.  Hope you all do too. 

Before we go, I just want to give a shout out to a very special viewer.  Linnel, we’re all thinking about you and your family.  We hope you know that. 

We’ll see you all tomorrow everyone and remember: 

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!