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Simone - The Wise One

Name:   Simone

Birthday:  June 1, 2001

Came to live in Cats Cove:  June, 2002

Favorite Treat/Toy:  Temptations Chicken Flavor

Hello all and welcome to today’s Sweatin with Sevaun.  Today our Special Guest is Simone.  Take it away Simone! 

Hello.  I’m Simone and Sevaun said I had to do today’s segment.  He didn’t tell me what I should talk about so I asked some of my cove friends for suggestions.  Jonah suggested I talk about my feelings on being a Cove Cat.  I love my buddy Jonah.  He was one of the first cats I met when I first came here in 2002.  So I thought about what to talk about all night.  I’m not a story teller like Timothy, but I would like to share my opinions on a few things. 

I was born June 1, 2001.  No one wanted me from the beginning.  It wasn’t an easy first year for me.  I lived on the streets and food was hard to come by.  Sometimes I would find some warm places to sleep but they didn’t last long.  The first winter was terrible.  I was only about 6 months old when I found myself outside in my first snowstorm.   

Here’s the thing about living on the streets, sometimes you meet people who look away and pretend they didn’t see you.  I know they do, but if they can somehow sleep at night pretending that they don’t notice those in need, well I guess they do what they have to.  But then there are some people who see someone in need and do something about it.  I’ve heard people call baseball or football players “heroes”.  I don’t understand that.  I will tell you what hero means to me:  someone who dedicates every day to doing what needs to be done to make the world a better place.  They aren’t on commercials or in movies.  Some are known only to themselves and those whose lives they make better. They don’t tell others how to make a difference, they just go and do, making a difference by their actions. 

I was very sick when I was young.  I had this terrible infection and lost my left eye.  I heard someone once call it a URI, but to me it was just another obstacle.  I knew from the beginning I would have to work real hard to survive and no matter what was thrown my way I wasn’t going to give up.  But one day, I almost did.  I had just turned one and found it almost impossible to go on.  I was sick and hadn’t eaten for so long.  I was dehydrated and the bugs wouldn’t leave me alone.  I had so many bite wounds I stopped counting.  I couldn’t even stand up.  I just curled up in a corner one day and wondered if a hero would walk by or someone who would pretend they didn’t see me. 

That day I met a hero.  She gently stroked my head even though I know I looked horrible.  She didn’t mind, she just wanted to make me feel better.  I heard her tell someone that I was emaciated.  I don’t know what that means but I never forgot it.  My hero said I would never, ever be emaciated again.  She promised me that I would always matter.  And I’ve mattered ever since. 

My hero’s name is Jacci and now I call her momma Jacci.  She said I could stay here for the rest of my life and I have for the past 10 years.  In the winter momma Jacci and all my hero friends take me and my buddies into this nice warm home they call Kitty City.  We get protected from the cold and are given lots of food, treats, water and love.  Lots of love.  I love all the heroes I’ve met.  Ruth and Jackie are extra nice to me.  Jodi always makes sure I get my chin rubbed.  Pam makes me laugh when she talks to me, always so cheerful.  Paul and Jimmy are my good buddies too.  Oh, I have so many heroes in my life now I don’t have time to mention all their names.  In the summer we get to live in Cats Cove.  It’s great.  It has beds and toys and fun things.  We get to this huge enclosure where we can be outside and safe at the same time.  Oh, and I have my best buddies too.  They are my roommates, my life mates.  We play together, we hang out together.  We make fun of each other too.  Honey’s my good friend.  Muffin’s my best friend.  Charlie can be a whiner sometimes but I love him anyway.  Roland makes me laugh. 

One time someone came in to visit us and I remember them saying “how is it possible they all get along?”  Sometimes we have our little “disagreements”.  But we do all get along and it is because of one simple reason; we know the difference between people who pretend to not see us and Heroes.  We rather like living here and sharing our lives with our friends, our heroes.  Well that’s all I wanted to say.  Sevaun, back to you. 

Thanks Simone.  Now for our exercise today…oh, wait…Simone, come over here…give me a hug.  That’s it for today everyone…look go and hug someone….be a hero to someone today, please. 




Update:  Dear Simone passed away peacefully on 3/1/2013.  A life that started out with indifference and neglect, was transformed by the loving, compassionate people at FFRC.  For over 10 years he was allowed to live a happy, cat life.  He will always be a Covie and will always be in our hearts.