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Sevaun--The Boss of Cats Cove

Name:   Sevaun

Birthday:  January 15, 2003 

Came to live in Cats Cove:  January, 2004

Favorite Treat/Toy:  All treats, all the time.

Hello everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  Today not only am I your hostess, but I, Sevaun am your Special Guest.  So take it away me!

Well, you’ve heard our stories, every single one of them, except for mine of course.    Sixteen of my brothers and sisters have told you a little bit about themselves.  Maybe some of the stories have made you laugh, or cry.  But hopefully all of them have made you understand something very important.

I’ve heard people say that Putter is the Sheriff in the main Center.  Well, here, I’m the boss.  Sometimes Jonah and I fight over that fact, but we always walk away from each other after a very long stare down.  He thinks he’s won, but I know I have.  So as the Boss of Cats Cove I thought it was important that all of you hear our stories.

We’ve occasionally signed onto chat and read the comments about the cats in there.  We’ve heard some very nice things said about everyone, especially the volunteers.  But truthfully, we, the Cats of the Cove are not sure all of our web cam viewers really know just how much the volunteers do and just how much the entire Friends of Felines Rescue Center does for many more cats than you see every day on cam.  So we wanted you to know our stories and how important the volunteers are in our lives.

 We wanted you to know that for every one of us, if it wasn’t for FFRC we probably wouldn’t be alive.  All of us, for some reason, were given up on.

But we were not given up on by FFRC, not by Jacci and not by the many volunteers who work hard here every day with a simple motto:  Every Cat Matters.

For me, I was born January 15, 2003.  I came to live here almost one year later, on January, 10, 2004.  I was declared “not needed”.  I was put out in the winter and told to fend for myself.  No cat can survive that, but especially one that isn’t even a year old.  But someone found me and knew there was one place I could go where I mattered.  So I came here to live in my home with my brothers and sisters.  We are all so very different, but share a common bond:  We were forgotten but found a place where we are always remembered.

We are accepted for the type of cats we are; each with individual personalities.  We get angry sometimes.  We act in ways some people may not approve of in “their cats”.  But we also play and cuddle and know we will always have food, water, shelter and love.

You have read our stories.  You have read that some of us are shy, or quiet, or disagreeable.  You have met our wise one, our sensitive one and our ultra friendly one.  You have heard how we got here.  From finding our way here ourselves to being dropped off by others, to being found almost dead on the side of the road, to being caught by determined volunteers who knew we needed help.  You have gotten to know us, just a little.  And I hope as do all my Cove brother and sisters that you always remember our stories.  We all hope you don’t forget us. 

We all hope that when you see a volunteer in the center scooping litter, feeding the center cats, vacuuming and washing the floor and giving love to the center cats that you know they do the same for us.  They do this because we matter.  They do this because, to quote my brother Simone, they are our heroes.

We all hope when cute little Hoops is shown being tickled on the cam, that you know we are tickled too.  My friend Gregg just loves me.  He always gives me a big belly rub.  Sometimes I love it so much I just fall right over from the excitement.

We all hope when you see Farrah get her daily meds that you know some of us do too, like Honey when her skin condition flares up.

We all hope when you see Cutie climb up on one of the volunteers lap for a petting, that we get those petting sessions too.  Or when momma Jacci calls Asha her “chunka monka”, she kids with me that I have “little head disease” because my head hasn’t grown as much as my body  and she loves me just the same.   I do eat a lot, see I’ve never forgotten what it was like to be hungry and not have any food for days at a time.  So I store up, even though I know I will never be hungry again.

We hope that when someone new comes on chat and asks questions about the Center, you always let them know “there are other cats loved just as much that live in Cats Cove.”

We have shown you our pictures and ask that you look into our eyes and in them you will see we are survivors who just need a little help.

We wanted to tell our stories so that you know when you pass that cat on the side of the road looking lonely and lost, they may need help too.   That maybe someone told them they weren’t needed and need to find a place where they matter too.  We hope that you will help them if you can or find someone who will.  And when you feel you need to know where they came from that you instead ask “Where am I going to take them to.”

For us, the answer is Cats Cove, our home where we live and where we are loved.

Thank you for reading our stories.  Thank you for smiling at us and maybe even crying with us.  Thank you for supporting the Friends of Felines Rescue Center, because this is our home.  And if you ever think you couldn’t possible do anything to help us, well know that you are wrong.  As a man who helped to change the world once said, “You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”

 This is Sevaun saying on behalf of my brothers and sisters,

Remember Every Cat Matters

The Cove Cats

Anony, Buffy, Charlie, Honey, Jonah, La Donna,  Lele, Muffin, Oliver, Riley, Roland, Rory, Sevaun, Simone,  Soy Boy, Sylvan, Timothy