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Senior Cats

A little over two years ago I thought I was done with having a cat in my life.  I was content to love them in the virtual world.  I was still heartbroken over losing my cat a few months earlier and just didn’t know if I could take opening my heart up again.  And then I saw his picture in the adopt a cat section of the newspaper and my heart opened up on it’s own.

I still remember the advice a certain woman from Defiance, Ohio gave me when I asked her if I was crazy to even be thinking about adopting a cat that was 12 years old and had special medical needs.  Her words were simple and made so much sense.  “Even if you only have a few months together, why not make it a wonderful few months.”

Well, it’s been over two years and it’s been a wonderful two years.  He’s  found  a special place in my heart, in my life and while I think it may last forever, I know it won’t and that’s ok.  Because I wouldn’t give up a minute of that time.  We took a chance on each other and it’s been a wonderful ride.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  It’s just a  way to call attention to the many, many animals up for adoption at shelters and rescues that are older and harder to place in homes because some people are nervous about taking on the responsibility of a mature animal.

There are too many kittens and younger cats needing homes, because some people still don’t understand why it is crucial to spay and neuter.  But a Senior Cat is so much harder to adopt out.

A senior cat isn’t for everyone.   But neither is a kitten.  As with any any animal you bring into your home, make sure your lifestyles are a match, that compromise is a word in your vocabulary and make a choice that is right for you both.  Think your decision through and do what you think is right.

My Chance may not climb on the curtains (I have mini-blinds and he doesn’t climb on them either!)  But he plays (a universal string toy is always a favorite), runs, does ‘cat things’ that other cats do.  He likes his routine but compromises when change is necessary.

The thing is this, bring love into everything and everything turns out with even more love.

If my Chance could speak ‘human’ he would say simply, “Why not take a chance on a Senior Cat?”  

As his human I say, November may be Adopt a Senior Pet Month, but every month should be a reminder that kittens, young adults, older adults or senior cats all have one thing in common, they need us and we need them.

If you are looking to adopt a cat, please consider if a Senior Cat is for you.  Take a Chance on one, you may even find, as I have, it’s the best decision you’ve ever made.