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Rory--Happy At Last

Name:   Rory

Birthday:  May 15, 2011 

Came to live in Cats Cove:  February, 2012

Favorite Treat/Toy: Temptations--all kinds.

Hi everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  I’m Sevaun and I’m coming to you from Cats Cove, where it’s a little rainy today.  But we like the breeze!  Today’s Special Guest is Rory.  Rory is the newest member of our Cove Community.  Take it away Rory!

Thanks Sevaun.  Well Sevaun is right, I’m new around here, but some of you web cammers already knew that.  Let me tell you how I got to be a Cove Cat.

I was born May 15, 2011.  Someone took care of me for my first few months, but for some reason they let me go.  So I found myself out on the streets to fend for myself.  I guess I was doing ok, but since I’m still kind of young, everything was just so scary for me.

Well one night in February,  I was in town and heard a bunch of people so I got a little closer.  I saw these two women coming out of some place called the Eagles.  I wondered if they had birds in there.  I was hungry so I got as close as I could without them seeing me.

They were both talking about how concerned they were about the economic instability of the Euro and how it might affect the price of crude oil.  I have to tell you, they were boring me to death, so I let out a little meow by mistake.  Then they both stopped talking at the same time and turned towards me.  I heard them say “rut roh” then they approached me.

“I know I heard a cat,” I heard one of them say.  I was purrfectly still.  Then they slowly separated and walked around.  Then they saw me.  “There he is….quick, grab him.”  I ran fast.  They were in purrsuit. I gave them the brush off around the corner.

The next night, there they were again.  Only this time they had a crate with them.  I could hear them calling “here kitty, here kitty.”  Part of me wanted to come closer, so I did.  I slowly approached them.  They were purrfectly still.  They seemed nice so I edged closer.  Then this guy comes out of the Eagles building and yells, “I lost my car keys.”  I ran.  I heard them both telling the man to keep quiet, they were looking for a baby.  I guess they weren’t looking for me after all, just some baby.

The next night, they were there again.  Calling “here kitty, here kitty.”  Now they had me all confused.  Where they looking for a baby or me?  So I approached them again and gave a little “I’m here” meow.  They whispered.  “It’s ok.  Come on.”  Then another guy came out of the Eagles and yelled “I’ve lost my car.”  I wanted to say it was probably with the guy who lost his keys, but instead I ran.  But the two women were in quick purrsuit.  One of them ran so fast, but I was faster. 

I heard the other say “oh, we’ll get you little one, don’t  you worry.”

But they didn’t, at least not that night.  I saw them put these big mettle things down.  They put two or three of them.  At first I wasn’t sure what they were, so I ignored them.

The next day I was so hungry, I went back to the Eagles.  Now, that building is next to a Fire Station.  I know this because they have these big hoses and sometimes I would go and drink the water when they would drain them.  It was good to drink.  But I was hungry.  I kept looking at those box type things the women had left and saw what appeared to be food in them.  I guess they had been there in the morning and I missed them.  I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I climbed in to get some food.  Then I heard the top click.  I was trapped.  But I had food so I wasn’t that upset.   About a half an hour later some fire fighters picked the box up and looked at me and said, “hmmm looks like they got ya, finally.”

I was scared, but a little while later someone came and took me to momma Jacci’s.  When I got there momma Jacci said, “We’ve been waiting for you.  You’re safe now.”  And I really felt safe.  She said something about taking my tic tacs away, but I didn’t really understand that.  I did try some mentos once, but didn’t like them that much.  Anyway, I was given food and water and best of all, I was warm.

My first week at FFRC I was really very scared.  I am a worrier and wasn’t sure what to make of it all.  But the two women who were looking for me, Jodi and Jen, made a point to hold me and hug me and tell me everything was going to be all right.  I wished I had gone with them that first night.  After a few weeks I began to feel a lot better and ventured out around the center.  I figured out that if I dropped to the ground and rolled over, someone would rub my belly.  I love belly rubs.

Once I started feeling better.  I had to go to the vet.  I was told it was just for a checkup but they did something to me.  I’m not sure why the Vet took what she did from me, but I would prefer not to mention it, EVER.

After a few more days, I really wanted to go outside.  Momma Jacci said I couldn’t.  I was so mad.  I’ve always been an outside cat and it was really making be stressed that I couldn’t go out for a little while.  I told momma Jacci I’d come back, but she wouldn’t budge.  I got so stressed I may have done a few things I’m not proud of.  Ok, the truth here.  I took my anger out on some of the other cats.  I purposely sprayed everywhere I could think.  And I, well I’m not proud of this, but I pooped in different places that I probably shouldn’t have.  But in all fairness to me, it was only because I was stressed.

So momma Jacci sat me down and said she was so sad I was so stressed and unhappy.  She wanted to see if maybe I would like living in Kitty City and then Cats Cove.  She explained all about them and I thought, “Yes…that is where I was meant to be.”  So off I went.  I get to go out a few hours a day and I always come home, because this is my home.  I get to be with my new best friends.  The other day my friend Diane came in and came right over to me and gave me the longest belly rub ever.  I love it here.

Well, that’s how I came to be a Cats Cove Cat.  I really liked the main Center, but it isn’t for all cats. I am happy and loved here.  I’ve made good friends with Anony and Honey.  Jonah is a cool cat too.  And I get to live without fear of things.  I worry less about things and focus more on how to get more belly rubs.  Oh, and I love Temptations…every flavor there is out there!  Well that’s my story.  Now back to you Sevaun.

Thanks Rory, glad to have you with us in the Cove.  Well that’s it for tonight.  No workout we all just want to say to momma Jacci…we hope you are feeling better.  We miss you momma.  This is Sevaun saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!