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Roland --A sweet cat

Name:   Roland

Birthday:  May 11, 2003 

Came to live in Cats Cove:  May, 2004

Favorite Treat/Toy:  The Turbo Track.

Hi everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  I’m Sevaun and I’m coming to you from Cats Cove.  We had our weekly Saturday night Bingo game last night and I won a whole package of Temptations chicken flavor!  I was so happy I even shared some with Jonah!

Well, today’s Special Guest is Roland.  Hey Roland…did you know you are the last Cove Cat to tell your story, other than me?

Hi everyone, I’m Roland.  Yes I know Sevaun, you and me are last.  You know I really don’t like to talk much.  But everyone else did the story thing so I didn’t want to be left out.  And I figured if Charlie can do it, well I can do it too.  So I’ll give it a go.

I was born May 11, 2003.  Shortly after my first birthday I was taken to FFRC by the people who I was living with.  They called me incorrigible, whatever that is.  I guess they didn’t like it when I sprayed all over the house.  They even took me to a vet about two months before and had something done to me to try and make me stop.  But I wouldn’t.  I just can’t.  Don’t know why.  It’s just me, I guess. 

So momma Jacci said I could stay and live at FFRC for the rest of my life.  I told momma Jacci that it was ok with me as long as I got to go outside when I wanted, so she said we would compromise.  I get to go out on those days when she lets us out.  But I have to promise to always come back.  I said I would.  She also said to always be careful when I was out on the farm.  I said I would be.

And I was, almost always.  In September, 2005 I decided to be adventurous and wandered way off.  I got confused and got myself hurt.   One of the volunteers found me and rushed me home.  I hurt my lip real bad (someone called it a button lip) and had some other injuries.  But the good doctor fixed me up and momma Jacci and all the volunteers took really good care of me and I got all better.  And I learned a valuable lesson that day; Always be careful when you wonder off on your own.  Actually, the truth, I really learned to not wonder off.

I really love it here.  My favorite thing is to sit on the top of my favorite condo and look out the window.  It’s so nice to watch all the chickens and peacocks walk by knowing they can’t bother me.  I get along with everyone, but prefer to hang out with Muffin more than anyone.  Give me a calico any day, especially over those torti’s.  They can be such a handful.

I especially love the volunteers.  They are all so nice to me and all us cats here in the Cove.  Connie is especially nice to me.  She always comes up to me and asks me how I am.  She listens to me and seems to really understand when I go on and on.

I really like getting my ears cleaned.  For some reason they just get so darn dirty.  But momma Jacci makes sure they get cleaned out.  I’ve been working out lately with Sevaun.  I weighed 15.8 lbs at my last weigh in and I am determined to get down to 14 by the next weigh in.  It’s hard work, but you have to work hard if you want to lose it.  Did you hear me Sevaun?  Sevaun?  Oh, brother, he’s in the food bowl again. 

I once had a broken pelvis and found that exercising with a friend is really a good way to get better and in shape.  So when Sevaun isn’t in the mood, I always find my friend Charlie.  He and I take long walks together.  He doesn’t talk much and neither do I so it’s a nice time for both of us.

I love it when visitors come by.  Just today one of the web cammers stopped by to say hello.  She came right up to me and gave me a nice petting.  She said I could call her Nuki.  I guess that’s her cats name and for some reason she wants to be called the same name as her cat.  She said she wanted to ask me something but couldn’t remember what it was.  Maybe she’ll come back again and ask me.

Well, that’s all from me.  Oh, wait I am supposed to tell you my favorite toy or treat.  Since I’m on a diet, I really like using that track ball thing.  It helps me move my shoulders back and forth.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

Well, if Sevaun is out of the food bowl, I’ll send it back to him.

Thanks Roland.  I was just snacking.  I didn’t have a good lunch, ok.  Well since I just ate, it hasn’t been enough time for the food to digest so I’m going to skip the workout for today.   Hey, I heard that little snicker Roland.  Look, if you workout right after eating bad things can happen.  Why I heard someone talking just the other day about Bella eating a whole bunch of treats and then doing fast scoots and, well it wasn’t a pretty site.  Anyway, be sure to join us tomorrow for the very last story from Cats Cove.  It will be the best one because it will be my story!  So this is Sevaun from Cats Cove saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!