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Riley -- Everyone's Friend

Name:  Riley

Birthday:  March 4, 2009

Came to live in Cats Cove:  September, 2009

Favorite Treat/Toy:  Yellow Catnip Banana

Hi everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  Wow, this is our second week coming to you from Kitty City.  It’s been a new experience for all us cats as we are not used to so much interest in our lives.  We like to kinda stay in the background and be, well you know cats. 

We’re not like our prima donna cat friends in the main center who are simply publicity hounds.  Yes, I said it the H word for a cat.  But ever since that web cam was installed they sit in the window and yell out to us really mean things like “we had 600 people watch us eat last night…how many people watched you?  Oh that’s right….no one!!” or “People want to comment on us so much they have to slow down chat….you had what, 43 likes at most.”

Truth is we like to eat without 600 people watching us and I’m sure more people would like us if they got to know us better!!  Anyway, today we have a Special Guest to talk with you all.  He’s been here for about 2 and half years having arrived in August, 2009 and he is one of all the other cats’ favorite friends.  He’s just about the nicest cat you ever want to meet.  Here’s Riley.

Thanks Sevuan.  Wow only 2 and half years, it feels like I’ve been here my whole life.  But before I came to live here I was living not too far from here in a trailer park.  I really didn’t belong to anyone but all the good people there took care of me.  Different people would feed me and make sure I had shelter when it was cold or stormy out.  People were nice to me but sometimes when you go from place to place you really want one place to call your home.  I would make friends but then they would move and I would miss them, but make new friends again.

 But sometimes it was a little lonely.  And sometimes I would meet some other cats who would make fun of me because I didn’t have a permanent home.  I don’t like to fight.  Fighting doesn’t solve anything.  I just want to get along with everyone.  Once, this cat I knew fell in with the wrong crowd and he and his club members jumped me when I was sleeping and tore off part of my ear.  It was terrible and I was really scared after that.

So a real good friend took me to momma Jacci’s when I was 2 years old and I’ve been here ever since living with my best friends, my friends for life.  Momma Jacci says my torn ear is my own ID of why all cats should have just one place to call home (although I have two really, Kitty City and Cats Cove, but I get to live with the same friends in both).

I love to go out in the farm and just roll in the sun.  There’s nothing like a little sun on your belly.  But when momma Jacci calls us for dinner, I am always the first one in because I want her to know I love being home.  I have so many friends here, they are just the best.  They are my family.  Me and Timothy are really close.  I just love the torti girls, La Donna and LeLe.  Sometimes La Donna just stares at me if I get too close when she’s meditating, but then I just lay down and flip over and over and she starts to laugh.

My real good friend was George.  He was sick for a long time and momma Jacci said he crossed over the bridge.  I really miss him.  He and I would just lay in the Cove where the sun came in and enjoy each other’s company.  Someday, I know I’ll see him again and we’ll have a blast.  Where ever that bridge is, I just know he’s making everyone smile because he always made me smile.

So we were all talking yesterday with Sevuan about these shows.  At first some of us didn’t want to do it.  Charlie was so scared, but I heard he did ok.  Well, Rory said that one of the web cammers had sent Bella a whole case of baby food.  We asked him how did they know she liked baby food and he said because they see her eating it every day.  So we were thinking since people can’t see what we like we should be sure to make sure that everyone knows what are favorite things are to eat and play with.

Well I like just about anything. I’m not picky.  So I don’t want anyone to go to any trouble just for me. My birthday is June 15.  I was born in 2007.  I never used to get birthday gifts, but ever since I’ve come here, momma Jacci always remembers and gives me an extra hug.  This year I was hoping I could get a hug and maybe a one of those special bananas’s that the center cats get.  We got some a few months ago and everyone wanted it.  I don’t like to cause any problems so I let everyone else fight over them.  So it would be really nice if I had one of my own.  Well, maybe I would share with Muffin; she’s my good friend too.  Oh, I would share with Simone too; he’s always really nice to me.  Oh, and Sylvan too, he’s always kind of by himself but once you get to know him, he’s really an old softy.  Well, that’s the story of how I came here and a little about myself.  Thanks for listening to me and remember if you see a cat just roaming around outside, he might be lonely like I was, so give him a ‘hi’ and make sure he knows that somewhere out there his home is waiting, just like mine was!  Now back to you Sevaun.

Thank Riley, ok everyone, we have a lot of holiday pounds to work off, so let’s get started.  Everyone lay down.  Now get up.  Lay down.  Get up.  Lay down.  Get up.  Lay down.  I’m just gonna end it right here.

Take care everyone and remember this is Sevaun from the Cats Cove saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!