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Raza -- Home Soon

The cam world was on baby watch.  We knew it was just a matter of time, but when.  When would momma cat go into labor?

It was March, 2011 and for 14 days cammers from around the world would log into chat on ustream and the first question was “do we have babies?  Yet?   Any word?  Then momma would waddle past the cam and the answer was self evident.

She was named Raza, the word means hope.  And as each day passed without her giving birth, we all hoped for the best for her.  She just continued to waddle around, getting bigger and bigger.

 Then on 3/29/11 one year old momma Raza gave birth while the internet watched.  Five boys and one girl.  All but the girl were little orange and whites.  The girl was more dark colored with orange markings.

Her babies were named Ketzie, Manon, Telo, Gibbs, Scribble and Waki.

And so we nervously watched their first few hours of life.  We watched as this new momma softly licked her new born and kept them warm.  We watched this amazing pile of fluff, with momma Raza looking after them all.

We cried many, many weeks later when Gibbs took ill and his little body couldn’t fight off the infection.  But we rejoiced when all of Raza’s other babies were eventually adopted.  Her son, Telo has recently been returned due to an illness in his adopted family. He too is now up for adoption.

With her momma duties behind her, Raza began settling in as a cat up for adoption, waiting for her family to come and chose her.

At first, she was a little unsure of the other cats at FFRC and preferred to eat her breakfast separately.  She sits on the red table and waits until Jacci brings her food and jumps into her special breakfast pen.  She was smart enough to tell Jacci this is how she prefers to start the day.

Raza is a very friendly cat.  She is friendly with people, dogs and children.  She loves to be petted but isn’t very fond of being picked up and carried around.  She doesn’t really like super speed mode, she likes the slow-mode world.

Jacci often calls her Raza Daza Doodle.  She seems to like this name and eagerly awaits her daily chin rub and hug from Jacci.

Raza can often be found on one of the window perches watching the birds.  Bird watching is her absolute favorite hobby, that and catching rays of sunshine.

She is also a big fan of the laser light.  She will chase that light all around, over and over.  She will catch that light some day.  Some day, for sure!

Raza will be three years old on 3/10.  She will make a wonderful addition to a nice, quiet home that can provide her with love, a spare window to bird watch and a couch to climb up and watch television with a special human.

Raza is up for adoption at Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  She is waiting for her family to come and take her home and share a lifetime of memories and a whole lot of love.



Thinking about adopting Raza?  Here’s what some other’s have had to say about her:


Jacci Moss:  “She’s my Raza Daza Doodle Girl.  I just love her!”

Telo:  “She’s my mom, man.  She’s pretty cool.”

Cami the dog:  “She never gives me any trouble.  I can walk by her and never worry.”

Putter:  “So right after she gave birth to those wretched things, I said, ‘hey are you having any more kittens?’ she said ‘NO WAY, I’m done!’  She’s ok in my book.  I’ve respected her ever since.”

Bella:  “I have to be honest, I pay her no attention.  She never takes over my poof and I’ve never seen her eat baby food.  She’s ok with me.”

Magenta:  “I don’t mind when she comes up on the counter, she’s always very polite.  She does sit on my stool a little too much for my liking, but I just wait her out.”

Miler:  “Well, she does kinda hog the best view for bird watching, so I really hope she gets adopted.  She’s always first cat up when the birds come to feed and she takes up a couple of prime spaces. So come on in and adopt her please.”

The outdoor birds:  “She’s super nice.  Always in the window watching us.  At first we were like “oh, she wants to eat us” but then we realized there was no way she could get to us so are happy to have her watch us.  Sometimes we tease her a little by staring right at her, she seems to get a little excited at that.”

Asha:  “Oh, I love Raza.  We take long naps in the condo in the office together.  She’s a quiet sleeper, not like that Paddy Purr.  Oh, my he can snore like a truck engine gone bad.  But Raza is a quiet sleeper.”

Big Al:  “I once yelled through the office door, ‘hey you, creamsicle cat, come over here.  She comes right up to the door and says ‘excuse me, my name if Raza, kindly remember that please .’ Then she just walked right away.  She’s one cool cat in my book.”

Chance the Cat:  “The first time I noticed you watching an orange and white cat on that box on your desk I was heartbroken.  But then when you told me Raza was in Ohio, I knew it was ok.  Ohio is like a billion miles from here so I know Raza won’t be coming here anytime soon.”