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Preakness --Waiting


We are, by all accounts, in a horse race.  We vote each day knowing that race is close.  It started out with every rescue being equal, then as each day passes, the best of the best pull ahead.  It’s not a sprint, but a race with turns where one wrong moment of slowing up could mean the lead is in jeopardy.

We’ve led from the start.  We continue to lead.  But it’s a race not yet finished.  And at the finish line, when we win, we will be rewarded.  We will have a blanket of daisies and wear it proudly.

A blanket of daisies you say?  Yes.  Oh, there will be a check for $10,000 too, but this is a special race and we will celebrate in a special way.  We will win because we have loyal, dedicated voters who won’t slow down. 

And the fact that we have our own Preakness to encourage us is but a sign that this is our Triple Crown Race. This is our Race to win.

Our Preakness arrived at FFRC on 8/9/2011 with 2 other cats, Derby and Belmont. All three were different ages but all very young and somehow found their way to each other and were found by a woman outside all huddled together, keeping each other safe. Preakness was just 6 weeks old.  We celebrate her birthday as 7/8/2011.  She is a black and gold torti with a gold smudge above her left eye.

Preakness is a little shy at times.  She likes to be held, but only for short periods, she’ll wiggle when she wants down and would really appreciate it if you pay attention to the wiggle.

She loves to be petted and have her head rubbed.  She is definitely a lap cat.  She loves to be in your lap.  She has a wonderful purr which she gladly will do, especially if in your lap and having her head rubbed.

Preakness also loves, with an emphasis on LOVES, to play.  Feather toys, laser lights and wand toys are her favorites.  She will run and chase anything that moves.  She is often seen running around with feather toys in her mouth because they are hers, you know.  Oh, and catnip toys belong to her as well.

Preakness is often confused with another torti, Graciella.  When Fifi was at FFRC, it was a cammers dilemma, who was who. But look at the markings closely and you can tell Preakness, the gold smudge above her eye is a good starting point.

Preakness would love to have a home--not a real busy home, but she does enjoy kids. She's fine with kids and dogs and of course other cats. A sunny spot in the sun would be wonderful. She enjoys a brushing out several times a week, she doesn’t mat she just enjoys it. 

Preakness is available for adoption at FFRC.  If you are unsure of which one she is, keep a look out, she’ll be the one running fast from the back to the front of the center, because her name is Preakness and she’s running the race to win.  And hopefully soon, she will win a furever home of her own.

Thinking about adopting Preakness?  Here’s what some other’s have had to say about her:


Jacci Moss:  “She’s a wonderful girl.  She loves to play and loves to be loved!”

Graciela:  “Preakness is beautiful. Her colorings are simply amazing.  So beautiful, just beautiful.  Did I mention she is beautiful?”

Charmaine: “I haven’t met Preakness yet, but I hear she is just beautiful, just beautiful.”

Micah:  “Preakness was one of the first cats to welcome me to FFRC.  She’s very nice and laid back.  I like her very much.”

Tizzie:  “Sometimes Preakness and I snuggle together.  She’s a very quiet sleeper.  I kinda hope we get adopted together.”

Willard:  “Sometimes I run real fast back and forth and think I’m the fastest cat there is, then Preakness runs by me with a big feather toy in her mouth and I realize I need to work out a little more.”

Macallen:  “For a torti, Preakness isn’t bad.  In fact, she’s the first torti I’ve actually liked.”

Farrah:  “Preakness stole one of my spring toys once.  I was really mad at her, then one night I was sleeping and she came up to me with a spring toy and spit it out on me and I knew it was her way of saying she was sorry.  I’ve forgiven her.  We’re ok now.”

Magenta:  “I don’t mind sharing my counter with Preakness.  She’s very polite.”