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Paddy's -- Furever ours

My Dear Sweet Boys,

I hope this letter finds you both well.  I miss you so much but know you are loved, safe and having a wonderful life.  So am I.

I watch you both as much as I can.  I always give a big smile when I see either of you walk across the screen.  And Cakes, I just love when you run that big wheel.  You are just the best at that.  I wonder if sometimes when you go so very fast that you think of me.

It’s so hard to believe that it was two years ago today that you both were born.  Oh, how I remember that day.  I thought it would be the worst day of my life, in fact the end of my life.  But in the end it was simply the best; a rollercoaster of emotions, from low to high to low and high again.

You may not know the story, so I thought I would tell you both, since you are now old enough to hear it.

I was a breeder cat.  That means my purpose was to give birth to kittens so they could be sold to people.  Well, that day I had a terrible time of it.  I was in what is called “lazy labor” and needed medical help.  A dear sweet person at the breeders knew I wasn’t going to make it so she called her friend Jacci and told her “we have a situation here and lives are at stake.” 

Momma Jacci immediately knew what to do.  She summoned Dr. Cyndy and I was rushed into an emergency C-Section. They could have given up on me.  I can’t even imagine how much my medical care cost, but that was never a concern of theirs.  All that mattered to them was that lives were at stake, mine and my three wonderful babies.  Your sweet sister only survived for a few days and that always makes me sad.  But you boys did and what joy I felt.

I was not well though to care for you two.  My milk had all dried up.  Momma Jacci and her wonderful volunteers sprung into action and hand fed you both.  Throughout the day, at night, whenever you were both hungry, they held you both and fed you.  There wasn’t a volunteer there who didn’t help keep you both healthy and alive.

Both of you were just so small.  There were many days when I could sense that momma Jacci was scared for one or both of you, especially you Purrs, the littlest one.

But they never gave up on either of you.  And through it all Jacci and all the volunteers made sure you were loved, fed and knew the special touch of humanity.

It was such a joy to see, as you both got a little bigger and stronger.  I remember the first day that momma Jacci let you both out to roam around.  Purrs, you wanted nothing to do with that.  But Cakes, you just took off.  I laughed so hard when you tried to attack that big red monster known as the shop vac.

It took you a few more days before you got your courage up, Purrs but you eventually joined your brother running here, there and everywhere.  You both loved to attack that shop vac.  I remember the volunteers would laugh that both of you could easily be mistaken for two big balls of fur.  But they were careful not to suck you up!

Someone said you both looked like little tribbles running around.  But to me you were both the most precious little things ever.  And what joy to see where one of you went the other went.  You were inseparable.

When I got stronger, I too got to run about the center.  It was the first time in my life I was able to freely roam.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing to be able to run or walk or plop down wherever you want?  Freedom should never be taken for granted.  It is simply the best.

It took me a little time to trust and enjoy my new world.  But I realized I was a cat, and a cat doesn’t deserve to be in a cage.  So I enjoyed my freedom.

One day a wonderful family came and said I could come home with them.  It was hard to say goodbye to you both.  But it was best for me and I knew you both were surrounded by love.  Every single volunteer would take special care with you both.  And when I left, I saw the tears but knew they were happy tears.

I got to watch you on the cam often.  But I was worried when I found out you both were big enough to be put up for adoption.  I was happy to hear that momma Jacci had decided that you both needed to be adopted together.  I knew that momma Jacci rarely did that, but she knew you both had a special bond and deserved to be always together.

Then one day the most incredible thing happened.  A dear wonderful couple who had never met you called momma Jacci all the way from Bermuda and asked if they could adopt you both and “gifted” you back to FFRC so you both could live together and be among the people that had truly saved your lives.  Momma Jacci had never allowed that before because for every cat that stays it means there is less room for others.  But you both were and are special.  The bond you both formed with each other and with all the volunteers was special.  So momma Jacci agreed to accept the wonderful gift.

I remember the night she announced it on the web-cam.  She was just so happy, her smile lit up the world.  And the web-cammers were all beside themselves with joy.  They had seen you both struggle from the beginning.  They saw you when there was doubt, but never a lack of faith that you both would survive.  You both grew up before their eyes.

And my how you’ve grown.  Such handsome boys you both are.  You have become adults now.  And I know you both don’t spend as much time with each other as you did when you were young, but I also know you have each other’s backs.  You are brothers after all.

Now, Cakes I know you sometimes get upset with things and do something you shouldn’t.  You must stop that, and I know you will.  Remember I am watching you and you must control yourself more.

And Purrs, I know you sometimes get a little grumpy when they wash your face, but it must be done.  And don’t you both be giving Mary such a hard time when she brushes you.  Your hair is simply stunning but it must be brushed frequently so don’t fuss so much.

You both are my pride and joy.  And all any mother wants is to know their children are loved, safe and happy.  You both are loved by all.  You are both kept safe and I know you are both happy, especially when you run that wheel.

Some day Purrs you will run just as fast as your brother on the wheel.  For now, Cakes is the wheel champion, but you will both be the best at it.

And I will watch you both when I can.  And know I will always love you.  Happy Birthday my sweet precious boys.

 Love always, your momma