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Our Putter

Born = June 7, 1997
Rescued = June 7, 2010
Passed = May 5, 2014
Always in our hearts = Forever

They are all special, the cats that the world turned their backs on.  They sometimes come to FFRC in unspeakable conditions.  But whatever their past, it is the present that becomes the focus.  Heal their wounds, heal their souls.

And we fall in love with them, despite never having actually met them.  We see them, we know their stories, we know their struggles.


He came in on June 7, 2010.  We on the webcam were not really sure what to make of what we saw going on in the back yellow table.  Jacci had the trimmers out and was shaving something.  He had a lot of fur.


The matted fur was removed, it looked so very painful.  Only a little fur was left on his legs.  This creature’s skin was all red.  It was identified as a cat.  We on the cam, weren’t really sure.  Jacci wasn’t really sure he would survive.

Then in the days to follow, after medication, after food and water, this creature, this cat walked gingerly around.  Each step he took was painful to watch because it looked painful for him.

His story has been told again and again.  Found alone, fending for himself on a local golf course, he would be named Putter.  He would find his way in our hearts.  He would tug hard on the heartstrings.


Putter was special because his struggles were our struggles.  And his triumphants were our triumphants.

He would gingerly walk around his center.  We would laugh and cry and rejoice.  We would tell ourselves he was on patrol, to make sure all was well because that is simply what he did.


At night on the webcam, it seemed, like clock work, Putter would ‘patrol’ every two hours.  One night we even saw him close an open cabinet.  The legend of Putter would grow.  When kitten season would bring the little ones running up to him, he would march off, occasionally “whacking” one or two.  A Putter Whack was never very painful, as he was found alone on this golf course, despite being declawed.


He became our Sheriff  because he seemed to want to make order out of kitten chaos.  He didn’t hide his emotions well.  If he would witness kittens being kittens and acting up, he would storm off.  We would laugh at this.  His reactions were our reactions.  He was like the grumpy old man down the street who would yell at the ‘houligans’  acting up.


We all knew a Putter, we all have a little Putter inside of us.  And when he would walk by the cam, we could see his struggles, we could see his determination.  Arthritis would slow him down, and every step was done with precision and we would take each step with him, for his pain was our pain.  And his endurance was our endurance.

We want them to live forever, but we know they can’t.  We know every cat we will love will some day leave us.  So we promise them, for however long they are in our lives we will love them, we will care for them, we will keep them safe.  We will show them that they matter.

Putter has slowed down a lot in the past year, especially the past few months.  It was clear he was failing.  But the announcement that he passed, hit us all hard.  Because he was our Putter, he was special, so very special.  For most of us, we never met him, but we knew him.  We felt his pain, we felt each step.  We rejoiced in each hug he gave, and what a hug he would give.


He was our Putter.  And we loved him.  And we will miss him.  And we are so lucky that this gentle soul came into our lives.

He was our Putter.