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Oliver--The Never a Bad Hair Day Cat

Name:  Oliver

Birthday:  March 15, 2007

Came to live in Cats Cove:  March, 2009

Favorite Treat/Toy:  Friskies Tuna and Egg

On today's episode of Sweatin with Sevaun, our Special Guest Oliver gives tips on selecting the purrfect Hair Stylist.

Hi, I'm Oliver and I weigh only 10 pounds...the rest is all hair! When you have as much hair as me, it's hard to find the purrfect hair stylist and style. I tried a pony tail, but my good buddy Riley just kept pulling me down. I also tried a bouffant for a few weeks but every strong breeze took me a few feet off the ground, so I have decided on this style.

My hair now is beautiful, but I'm told I need a cut in a few weeks. I'll survive, but the cutter may not. Oh, by the way, my birthday was in March (15th) and NO ONE sent me a card. What's up with that? I turned 5 years old and I deserved something! But that's ok, Paul gave me an extra hug that day so I'm good with it.

Now for a stylist I look for someone with a a good strong brush. They must start from the top and go all the way down, no choppy motions for me. And they must, and this is crucial, always provide cat treats after every three strokes (I'm partial to the chicken but am not picky) Now I have tried Super Cuts and I must say for the price, they can't be beat. But I left there missing part of my ear. So I haven't been back since. I prefer the stylist to come to me now and boy have I lucked out. All the FFRC volunteers have the right touch. They pay special attention to my back area, which I admit is sometimes hard to reach for me. Whenever they get close to "special areas" they use the little comb and I can say I'm very grateful.

When I arrived here, I was just two years old and boy was I a mess. I had many bite wounds from some crazy animals that I prefer not to mention. Let's just say I hope they never see me again! Three years ago Jacci told me "We'll take care of you", and ever since I've been loved, fed and brushed...it's been great!

Now my muff isn't always as white as it should be so every now and then I get a dab of oxyclean with my daily facial. It makes me shine ever so bright, but don't try this at home. Make sure a seasoned professional like Mary or Donna does it. Peggy S. is always good with my toes, she has the special touch and I am sure not to scratch her too much. And no grooming would be complete without Dee's special treatment. I look extra pretty on Tuesday's and Wednesday's as those are my days to have lunch with the girls. But that's our secret, ok?

Just because you have a lot of hair, doesn't mean you have to look like Cousin IT. Having the right people groom you is simply a must have. So remember, tip your hair stylists well. I am always careful to give an extra lick and head rub when the service is beyond exceptional. You should try licking your stylist too, but save the head rub for only the best possible service.

And remember, a good shiny coat can only happen if you eat right. Fish or sardines are a must in every diet. I stay away from too much beef as it can add on the pounds and I like to keep my body toned and in good shape. Well, my segment has come to a close, just remember everyone, if you don't brush your cat, we will get even with you some day, some how. So keep the strokes long and straight. Don't have anything to drink (especially coffee) right before grooming and for all you cats out there, a brush a day helps keep the hairballs away! Now back to Sevaun.

Thanks Oliver, now for our workout today. Ok everyone, follow me:

Put your left paw in the air and shake it all around. Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around...oh...I'm dizzy...ok, well that's it for today's exercise session. See you all tomorrow...This is Sevaun saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!