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Olaf -- A Friend

Hello, my name is Olaf and I am the last Sun Porch cat to tell my story.  We had drawn straws for the order of our stories and it became a mess as everyone started playing with their straws so Hank just looked at us all in disgust and said I was last.

I was born July 15, 2006 and let off near FFRC shortly after I was one year old on July 25, 2007.  I looked around, saw a woman outside and ran up to her.  I meowed a little, rubbed up against her ankles and she introduced herself as Jacci.  I don’t call her that anymore, because she really is my momma Jacci.

Even though my name is Olaf, momma Jacci always calls me her Ollie-boy.  I love to be petted and I find the best was to get that point across is to go up to a person, sit and stare right at them.  They can never seem to resist me.  I love to have my head scratched.

Some people might think I’m scary at first, because I have two different color eyes.  One of them is dark brown.  I was told by a vet that they don’t know why one eye is different from the other, but it isn’t a problem for me and once people get to know me they know they don’t have anything to be afraid of.  The other Sun Porchies though, well I’ll hang out with them but they know not to mess with me.

I will share a secret with you all.  I am a cat, but I really love dogs.  I love to climb into the dog kennel outside and sleep on the blankies.  Sometimes I snuggle up really close with them.  They are my friends, especially Jazzie.  I don’t know why I like dogs, but I do and am not ashamed to admit it.  Sometimes Jazzie, Cammie, Jainey and I will just all cuddle up.  They are my good friends.

When I first came here, I was very skinny.  I wasn’t fed on a regular basis and sometimes would go days without eating.  And one time I was feeling very sad and a dog that lived nearby had stolen a sandwich off of a picnic table when someone wasn’t looking.  He actually let me have a little and I think I’ve liked dogs ever since.  See, anyone can get a long if you are kind to them.  So that dog showed me kindness and I am always kind to the dogs here and they are always kind to me.

And because I had gotten used to only eating occasionally, when I first came here, every meal I would make sure I finished everything.  But here I always get to eat.  We are never forgotten, even when it’s bad weather.  Sometimes it will be pouring  out the wind will be blowing so hard you can’t even see in front of you and there is a volunteer steering through the gusts to come and feed us.  They make sure we never go hungry.

And I admit I have filled out significantly since coming here.  I guess once you’ve known hunger you always want to have a few extra pounds for an emergency.   I know that I will always be taken care of but sometimes it’s hard to forget the past.  

Some people think cats can forget, but the truth is, we never fully forget the past.  But I am happy now and feel safe.  I once wondered if all people were cruel, but I know now only a few are bad.  I have seen the worst people and for the past five years I have seen the best people.  I prefer the best people.

I have made so many good people friends here.  They make me feel safe and happy every day.  Sometimes I look at the sign out front and smile because signs don’t always tell you the whole story, but the sign out front really does.  It says Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  I may have found this place on my own, but the truth is they rescued me and they are my friends.

So that is my story, friends.  Thank you for listening to it.  And thank you for being friends of the Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  Because without our friends, where would we be?