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Muffin -- The Quiet Cat

Name:   Muffin

Birthday:  July 1, 2003

Came to live in Cats Cove:  September, 2004

Favorite Treat/Toy: Anything Chicken

Hi everyone and Welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  Sevaun here, coming to you from Cats Cove.  This is our third week talking to you all.  Can you believe it!  So much has changed for us since we first started this show on April 1.  First we moved from our winter home, Kitty City, to our spring, summer, fall home;  The Cove.  We do love Kitty City, but living in the Cove is the best.  Especially on those hot summer nights were we can feel the cool breeze on our fur and not have to worry about the night monsters who want to hurt us.

Another wonderful thing has happened.  We got a big box of Fancy Feast Appetizers from one of our many fans.  It came to FFRC and inside there was a note that said it was specifically for the Cove Cats.  Can you believe it!  Just for us.  Not for Center cats, but US!

Of course, we've shared with our brothers and sisters from the Sun Porch and the Farm, because that's just the kind of cats we are; givers.  Yup we are givers. So, thanks for thinking of us.

And one more thing has happened to us.  We got our very own website.  Can you believe it!  Momma Jacci said we could have it as long as we had a person oversee us.  Apparently she doesn't trust some of us.  I know she trusts me, but well, Soy Boy can be trouble sometimes.  Anyway it's www.catandninetails.com.

Well, tonight we have a Special Guest today.  Say hello to Muffin.  And let me just say, top of the muffin to you!

Thank Sevaun.  I've never heard that one before.  Actually she says it to me every single day.

My name is Muffin.  My birthday is July 1, 2003.  I came to live here with momma Jacci on September 14, 2004.  My good friend, Martha L. brought me here.  She said I would be safe here with momma Jacci as she didn't want to see me on my own any more.

I tried being in the main center, but I much happier outside.  It's all I ever knew and I got a little upset when I couldn't go outside.  Momma Jacci always tells us that she wishes we were all inside cats because it's safer for us, but when you get used to something that you've always known, it's hard to change.  You can teach and old dog new tricks, but once us cats get past a certain age we have trouble adjusting.  So momma Jacci said she would rather I come and live here with my friends in the Cove than be so stressed and unhappy in the center.  So I've been here in Cats Cove ever since and am so much happier here.

I'm kind of a quiet cat.  I don't like to make much noise.  Roland snores when he sleeps.  Oliver makes a lot of noise when he walks around.  I don't make much noise.  I'm probably the smallest cat here in the Cove. Honey and I watch what we eat and get plenty of exercise.  As soon as momma Jacci opens the door to let us out, I run outside really fast and play in the grass.  I just love running and playing.  I love to sleep in the grass too.

I guess because I'm so small, sometimes I get picked on.  Not by my covemates.  They are all very nice to me.  It's the chickens that pick on me.  I'll be asleep in the grass and they will come over and try to peck me and really bother me.  I don't know why they won't leave me alone, but I usually run when they near, unless I'm sleeping and they sneak up on me.

I'm the only calico here in Cats Cove.  Sometimes when visitors come, they look at me and call me Emaline.  Not sure why, my name is Muffin. Then when I stare at them I always hear them say..oh, that couldn't possibly be Emaline.  Not sure who Emaline is, but she must look like me, sorta.

Whenever the bigger cats get too close, I stare them down.  For some reason that works. My best friend is Riley.  He’s just the nicest cat and he says it’s ok if I’m quiet.

I really like chicken.  Sometimes momma Jacci will bring us in fresh chicken and it’s the best.  Oh, I just thought of something, maybe that’s why the chickens don’t like me?  Well, I like them anyway.

Well, I guess that’s all about me. Back to you Sevaun.

Thanks Muffin.  I just want to say a very special sorry to my good friend Connie.  She kept calling me a boy today and I was in a bad mood and got her pretty good on her hand.  I hope this won’t ruin our relationship.  I always love when she comes to the Cove and leaves our food cabinet open for a little while so we can get or snacks and hide them.  She does this just for us!  She loves us very much.

 Well, I am exhausted with the whole website thing, so we’ll hold off on exercises tonight.  We’ll do double tomorrow.  From Cat’s Cove this is Sevaun saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!