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Mew-- Talking to You

 Hello friends.  My name is Mew.  I am often asked if my name is spelled incorrectly.  It is not.  Loud cats meow.  Sophisticated cats mew.  We get our message across in our own way.  Why do a loud meow when you can get by with a little squeaky mew?

I was born April 10, 2002.  I was very unhappy where I was living and heard someone talking about this place where cats were happy so I set out one day to find it just after my second birthday.  It took a few days but as soon as I saw the big farm yard and some cats running around I knew I had found my home.

I saw this woman out on the farm and ran right up to her and very softly said ‘mew’.  She said “hi” and couldn’t contain myself because I really wanted her to like me so I just said over and over, ‘mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew”.  So the woman bent down, scratched my chin and said “hello mew.”  My new momma Jacci had welcomed me home.  So for the rest of the day I followed her all around the farm yard.  By the end of the day, she looked at me and said, “Ok, you can stay.”

Momma Jacci and I have talked a lot over the years.  She knows what every mew means.  There is my sad mew, which means I would like some love please.  There is my hungry mew, which means food please.  I have a different mew for everything I want.  And momma Jacci knows what everyone means.  She always tells me that I must have given public speeches before I arrived here.  But I’ll tell you a little secret, I’m actually a little shy so I would never give a public speech.

But I do like to talk to my friends.  Especially my porchie friends.  Big Al and I often take walks together and I just mew and mew and he listens to me all the time.  When Hank makes his rounds, sometimes he lets me tag along.  He makes sure all the visitors feel welcome and I like to give everyone a little mew.  When people hear me they often say “what’s that again…I didn’t catch that.” Then they smile and I mew again.

I do get scared easily, but I’m working on that.  As I’ve gotten older, I get less afraid.  But I do get scared if I’m inside too much and then my mew’s become meows and then MEOWS.  But then I can outside and mew again.

I remember this one day when I wandered over to Cats Cove and ran into Sevaun.  She was just laying down but seemed to be in some distress.  It was painful to watch, so I gave a little mew and she looked at me and said “hey aren’t you the one who never shuts up?”  I said “mew” and she said she had an itch and couldn’t reach it, so I helped her out.  So we became good friends from that day on.  She thinks it’s funny that my “mew” is so soft so she kids me about it all the time.  So one day we were outside, she was just resting and I was “mewing” and a big dog that we’ve never seen came up to us and seemed like he was going to eat me and my friend Sevaun gave him the biggest whack you could ever imagine.  From that moment on, I knew I had a special Covie friend.

See just because they are the Covies and we are the Porchies, doesn’t mean we don’t get along.  We do, for the most part.  Sometimes we will have farm yard games where we run and chase each other, but we’re just playing.  We like to see how many times we can circle the peacocks before they will lift up all their feathers and try and scare us away.  I love those days best.

What I really like is when the volunteers come over to me and talk to me.  They all tell me that they know I will always have something to say.  We have great talks.  And recently some people have been staying at the old clinic.  They fixed it up really well.  When Angie was in there painting I would sneak in and just mew away, giving her some tips on how to paint.  She just laughed every time I told her she missed a spot.

I met this one visitor, Mary, and she and I had a nice talk.  After about an hour she finally looked at me and said “Wow, you never shut up.  I now know why your name is Mew.”  I just smiled and said “Mew…that’s my name.”  She gave me a nice chin scratch and played with me with a little stick.  So I gave her a big meow because sometimes even a sophisticated cat needs to speak loudly and carry a little stick.  Especially when getting a chin scratch.