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Magenta --Strength

They are all so very different, yet most share a similar story.  When you first see them on cam, look into their eyes and you will see fear and uncertainty.  Give them a few weeks and look into their eyes again and you will see trust and contentment.

From the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, we know their stories.  They can’t tell us how it is that they came to us.  We can only imagine.  And sometimes we know too much and wish we didn’t.

Imagine a black and white cat, 6 years old and pregnant.  That alone tells you that it probably wasn’t her first litter in fact it was probably one of far too many litters.  That in itself brings sadness.  Now imagine this beautiful very pregnant black and white cat being covered in lavender paint; Someone’s idea of a joke.  Not a single person found any humor in it.

It was February 20, 2003.  It was a day for FFRC to take a deep breath and focus on bringing this beautiful cat back to natural colors.  She was named Magenta because no one should ever forget that from an act of cruelty, compassion is more powerful.

Shortly after her many, many baths, she gave birth to 4 kittens.  She was a wonderful mother to them and each of them was adopted into loving homes.  Several months later she herself found a loving home.  But then on September 19, 2007 she was returned to FFRC.  This time she brought into FFRC as a black and white cat.  She was not afraid, but was heartbroken.  Her loving owner had passed away.

And just as Jacci and the volunteers had done four years earlier they helped to heal her; only this time it was not from her abuse but from her sorrow.  The following July she reached out and touched the heart of another loving person and was adopted again.  But heartbreak would come again and on April 18, 2009 she was returned.  Her owner had passed away.

When you bring a cat into your life it is inevitable that someday you will experience the heartbreak of loss.  While the loss is devastating there is always the comfort in knowing that you were privileged to be part of a special relationship founded on unconditional love.  And while our heart breaks, our minds tell us that the love shared was worth it to the end.  But what does a cat think when their beloved owner passes away?  They feel the pain; can they also understand happiness can return again?

While we would love for some of our favorites to become permanent residents, the decision to make a cat a permanent resident is not an easy one.  While all the cats at FFRC are loved and made to feel special, nothing takes the place of a home where the cat is either an only cat or one of only a few.  Every cat deserves to know the feeling of being the center of attention in one person’s life.

But since Magenta was now 12 years old and had known such upheaval in her life, the decision was made that Magenta would live out her remaining years as a resident of FFRC.  Plus why tempt fate with another owner passing?

Magenta is a small cat.  Sometimes on cam it isn’t really apparent just how little she is.  She weighs between 4.14 and 5.00 lbs depending on the day of week.  The goal with her is to maintain her weight and not let her get any lighter.  In the past three years she’s had several teeth extractions and dental cleanings.  She is often on ‘her’ counter keeping guard and waiting for a pet or a snack.  If she is hungry, she is fed.  If she wants petting, she is petted.  If she wants anything, her needs are accommodated.  She is one of only a few cats officially allowed on the counter during feeding.

Sometimes she is carried into a pen to eat in privacy.  At a certain age, you are allowed private meals.

Yes she is dainty, yes she seems fragile, but don’t be mislead, if one of the whippersnappers tries to invade her space she’ll let them know she is not to be messed with. 

One of her favorite places to sleep is in the basket on the counter.  While other cats may claim it for a while, it is “her” basket.  Again, age rules on this one. And her counter is “her” counter.  She will stare at the red cabinet for hours because, she is Magenta and Magenta can do what she wants; age and experiences count.

So the next time you see sweet Magenta jumping up on the stool to “her” counter remember Magenta isn’t Magenta because of the color she once was, it is for the strength this tiny sweet creature has shown for so many years.