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Hi there friends, my name is Lulu.  I don't like when they take my pictures so I decided to keep my eyes closed.  I mean I was trying to sleep....But they took my picture anyway!

I live in Massachusetts with my mom and dad and two sisters and one brother.  They are all human.  I think there may be a hamster around too, but can't be 100 % sure.  But I think I smell him.

I love my family very much.  Finn, Fiona and Maggie are my good friends.  They take care of me.  Mom makes sure I am fed, Dad tries to clean my litter and the kids are very sweet and kind to me. 

I love them all.  Sometimes I hear them whispering about wanting a dog, but I know they love me best of all.
For Christmas all I want is to be allowed to sleep in all day! 
I love my family and wish them a Merry Christmas and can't wait for Santa to bring them a whole bunch of toys, because I get to have the boxes!