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LeLe -- A good bet Cat

Name:   LeLe

Birthday:  September 14, 2004

Came to live in Cats Cove:  July, 2005

Favorite Treat/Toy: Temptations Beef and Chicken Flavor

Hi everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun!  I’m Sevaun your hostess.  Speaking of hostess, I hear that twinkies and ring dings may be in trouble, so please stock up now.  Right after our exercise session today, please go visit your local grocer and buy in bulk.  They have a shelf life of 2 years so don’t worry about them going bad.  Today’s Special Guest is LeLe.  Take it away LeLe!

Hi, everyone, I’m LeLe.  I was born September 15, 2004. I came to live in Cats Cove in July, 2005.  I was born in a barn at a horserace track.  All my other brothers and sisters found homes, except for me.  So I had to stay at the racetrack by myself.  I really loved to watch my horse friends run around the track.  They were so proud when they would win a race.  They would get extra hay and apples if they won.  Sometimes though, it was scary with the horses.  They are so big and sometimes they wouldn’t pay attention to where they were walking.  I always had to keep an eye open for a big hoof. 

There was this very nice Doctor that would come and treat my horse friends.  Her name was Dr. Cindy.  She would talk to me when she came and tell me that she also worked at this place that had lots and lots of cats.  One day Dr. Cindy picked me up and said, “little girl, you are going to get stepped on one day.  And I won’t have anything to do with that.  You are going to live with my friend Jacci.”

So Dr. Cindy put me in a crate and drove me all the way to momma Jacci’s.  The first thing I asked momma Jacci was where were the horses.  She laughed and said, “you don’t have to worry about any horses stepping on you here.  So she brought me out to Cats Cove.

 The first cat I met was Jonah.  He was real nice to me.  So was Simone and Muffin.   But I didn’t really have a best friend until my friend La Donna came a couple of years later.  She and I share a torti-friendship.  Us torti’s must stick together.  I used to be kind of shy, but when La Donna and I are together I feel much better.

I love the days when I get to go and run on the farm.  The best thing is that there are no horses that might step on me.  Someone once told me I would never survive if Sevaun or a horse stepped on me.  So I keep my distance from Sevaun.  Oh, sorry Sevaun, but you can be clumsy sometimes.

When momma Jacci calls all the Cove Cats in for supper, everyone comes running.  Not me, because I always come in just before supper.  I got used to avoiding stampede’s at the race track.

My favorite treat is Temptations, beef and chicken flavor.  I just love those!

I did want to share one last thing with you.  This is a secret so don’t tell anyone, ok.  I learned this from my days back on the race track.  The night before a big race, the horses all get together and decide who is going to win.  Sometimes they draw straws from the big hay stacks, but usually someone eats one before everyone has drawn, so normally they go by who could eat the most apples in 30 seconds. 

Well, that’s a little about me.  Thanks for hearing my story.  Now back to you Sevaun.

Thanks LeLe.  And special thanks for that tip.  Well, let’s get to our workout session today!  OK, lay down with your belly on the ground.  Put both front paws forward and both rear legs behind you.  Put your head down, now up.    Ok, put your head down again, now up.  Tuck both paws underneath you chest and roll over.  Stretch all your paws out, then back in.  Wow, that was great.

Well that’s all for today.  This is Sevaun from Cats Cove saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!