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In our hearts Always

The dark is getting light, and I knew you were ready to go.  If I could have reached you somehow, if I knew the magic it would take to have made you stay, if only I could have taken the inevitable away.

 But I love you too much on the inside to ever fool myself on the outside and think you could stay.  And I know there is a place where age has no definition and where sorrow does not exist.  And I know you are there.

Eyes guided by love found you those many months ago.  Hands guided by compassion restored you to a place of meaning.  And each day since your eyes, your skin, your bones, your whole being has been transformed and now it is transcended.

Be free my friend, to run and play and know no sadness.  I will not cry for you, I will smile.  I will smile because I know the path that led you here.  I will smile because I was blessed to know you, humbled to watch you and graced by your presence.

And know this, sweet Bondi girl; your paw prints have forever left their mark on our hearts and our soul.