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Hank--A Special Talent

Hello there friends of the Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  My name is Hank and I am a Sun Porch Cat.  This is my home.  And if you are a friend of FFRC then you are my friend too.  I love making friends and thought since you were my friend I would like you to get to know a little about me and my best friends; my brothers who live with me here at the Sun Porch.  We know you get to see the Center cats on the cam every day and night.  So it may be hard to picture who we are.  But we are just as important as all the other cats at FFRC. 

We know you’ve recently heard from our brethren in the Cove.  They’re nice kitties over there, but just to be clear, they are the Covies.  We are the Porchies.  We are all cats, but we are so much more independent and talented than the Covies.  I’ll get to my special talent in just a minute.

I am not only a Sun Porch cat but I am the boss of the Sun Porch cats.  I know, sometimes Fabio may give the impression to visitors that he is the boss.  He is NOT.  I am.  Ask anyone but Fabio and they will tell you.  I am the goodwill ambassador of FFRC.  When new visitors come I will greet you and take you on a tour of the grounds.  If you walk around the farm, turn your head around and I will be right there, tagging along making sure your visit is a good one.

And if you decide to sit on the picnic table that is outside, don’t worry about being alone, because I will join you and share in your lunch.  Because that’s what a good boss should do.

And for very special guests I will give your car a wash.  I’ve been doing this for a while and people just smile when I do it, so I keep it up.  Sure sometimes I’ve seen people’s faces and the smile turns to a big mouth opening moment and then they normally put their hands over their mouth.  Not sure what they are saying, but I bet it’s something nice.

I like to go up to a parked car, stand on my front legs and give the car a good spray, reaching way up high.  No other cat can spray as high as I can.  You really should roll up your windows when you come to visit.  It’s my special welcome to you.  I know people enjoy it.  I once heard someone yell really loud “Jacci, you are not going to believe what he just did.”  Momma Jacci always says “He is so sorry.”  But I’m not, because I know people love it, they always laugh.  I think it’s important to make our visitors laugh.  And try as he does, Fabio just can’t pull it off.

Another thing that makes me unique is that I have two totally different eye colors. One is green and one has brown specs in it.  I can see just fine but it may cause some people to think something is wrong with me.  There’s not, it’s just who I am.  I think a boss should be a little different so my eyes give me that special look of authority.

I came to live here in June, 2003. I was born on August, 1, 2001.  In the spring of 2003 the people who told me I was part of their family left me at the vet clinic in Bryan.  They said they would be back, but never did.  So a nice person who works at the clinic told me, “We know just the place for you.”  So I came to live with momma Jacci. 

I love it here.  I get to meet so many people that come and go.  I get to be the cat I was meant to be and do what I want.  I will share a secret with you that I don’t even think momma Jacci knows about.

One early morning, before even the darn rooster was up, a car pulled up very quiet like.  A man got out and threw three little kittens out on the property and quietly walked back to his car.  I went right up to him and stood up and let it flow all over his pants.  It was a very liberating moment.  A little while later, I saw momma Jacci find the little ones and as she walked in to the center with them I heard her say “why are people so cruel”.  I just laughed and said to myself, “don’t worry momma Jacci, I got it covered,” because, literally I got him all covered.

You see, us Sun Porch Cats know how important we are.  We are the cats that protect our home and our home is here, there and everywhere that bears the name Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  And for our service to FFRC we ask very little.  We ask that we be kept safe, fed, stress free and we sure do like temptations treats.  I’m just saying.

So when you meet my brothers please remember that we are all on guard to protect our home and welcome all when they visit.  Just don’t forget that I am their boss, though.