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Georgia--Needs a home


  Georgia, oh Georgia
 The whole day through 
 Just an old sweet song
 Keeps Georgia on my mind 

The three of them were found outside.  Less than two months old they would not have survived on their own.  But a kind woman named Georgia made sure they were safe and would be given a chance as she scooped them up and brought them to FFRC where they arrived on May 7, 2011.

So one cat was named after her hero, Georgia, and since that name is also the name of a state, her siblings were also named after states;  Iowa and Kansas, in honor of the many FFRC supporters from both states.

I said Georgia, Georgia
 A song of you 
 Comes as sweet and clear
 As moonlight through the pines

Both Iowa and Kansas were adopted fairly quickly, but not sweet Georgia.  She’s a bit of a quiet cat and with the influx of energetic and outgoing kittens, she was often overlooked.  Then one day a woman who had recently suffered a great loss in her life asked Jacci if she could adopt a cat to help fill her home with love again.  She didn’t really care what color, what age, but just wanted a sweet cat.

So Jacci suggested Telo but also wondered if Georgia would be a nice fit.  And as only our Jacci can do, before we knew it, both cats found themselves in their new home, surrounded by love.  And for many months they lived happily in their new home.  But then life intervened.  

The woman received an urgent call that required her to quickly move out of state to care for a sick family member.  She loved both cats, but knew it simply wasn’t possible to care for them now.  So she did the right thing, the thing that every owner agrees to do when they adopt a cat from FFRC; she called Jacci and told her these two sweet cats needed to come back to FFRC.  And so they did.  The woman had recently purchased a beautiful tall multi-level condo and had it sent to FFRC, to be with her beloved cats.

Other arms reach out to me
 Other eyes smile tenderly
 Still in peaceful dreams I see
 The road leads back to you

Georgia is a quiet cat, but very friendly. She loves loves to be petted. She thoroughly enjoys a neck scratch and ear rubs and the base of her tail scratched! She LOVES catnip toys and laser light.  And as webcammers all know, she loves to ride the big wheel, when Paddy Cakes lets her.

Georgia also loves the grooming tub--enjoys watching the bubbles. If no bubbles, sometimes she just sits in it! Her favorite past time is watching the bird feeders.-She really gets into bird watching, complete with her own chirps. 

I said Georgia, oh Georgia
 No peace I find
 Just an old sweet song
 Keeps Georgia on my mind 

Often confused with other tuxies, Georgia has a fine white neck ring, black chin, white nose patch.  She has a black dot on her left leg.

She is a really sweet cat who will look right at you when you talk to her, a sign she pays attention to her human friends.

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
 Still in peaceful dreams I see
 The road leads back to you

Her birthday is March 19, 2011.  As she approaches her second birthday, she wants what she once had: A loving home to call her own.  She is available for adoption at FFRC right now, waiting for the right family.  And when she is adopted, we will always remember her, running the wheel, chasing the laser light or simply sitting in her tub waiting for bubbles.  And we will smile and wish her a wonderful life.  And she will always be on our minds.


Thinking about adopting Georgia?  Here’s what some other’s have had to say about her:


Jacci Moss:  “She’s a wonderful girl.  Such a sweet girl!”

Telo:  “Wouldn’t it be great if someone came in and wanted to take Georgia and me home again?  That would be great!  I love my Georgia.”

Zelda:  “There are too many tuxies around here.  Come and adopt Georgia, I’m tired of people getting us confused.  And while you’re at it, take that Octavia too!”

Montana:  “I think it’s cool, Georgia’s name is the same as a state.  It’s really a cool thing!  I wonder what my name means?”

Doce:  “Is she my momma?”

Ada Jane:  “Georgia is always very polite to me.  I wish she wouldn’t always hog the wash tub though, I mean I’ve got seniority.”

Willard:  “The other night in Tonio’s someone told this joke.  ‘If we had a cat named Midnight she could be adopted with Georgia and they could take a ride.’  I don’t know what that means but Kiara laughed so hard I think she wet the blanket.”

Paddy Cakes:  “Is it too much to ask when using my wheel it be put back in the upright position with the cat not tilted?”

Dahney:  “I asked which one was Georgia and was told ‘she’s a black and white’.  Yeah, that helps a lot.”

Tizzie:  “Georgia, always on my mind.”

UPDATE:  In April, 2013, Georgia was adopted!  She found her way into a family's heart and now has her forever home!  Congratulations Georgia, you'll always be on our minds!