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Fifi--Very Special


Sometimes there are those special cats we worry more about than others.  No, not the residents, we know they are home furever and as long as we can watch we will get to see them.  The kittens, well they will all get homes too, some may take a little longer than others, but they always seem to find that person or family who come in and instantly fall in love with them.

And then there are those we so want to find a loving furever home, but for whatever reason, are passed by when potential adopters come in.  We find ourselves going about our days, away from the cam wondering; “Am I missing my favorite’s adoption?”  We may rush through our day just log on and quickly scan the center.  “Are they still there?”

We fall in love with many of them, but some touch our heart and pull ever so hard.  Normally it is because we have seen them at their worst in life, watched as they struggled, maybe had doubt they would even make it and rejoiced when they did.

Farrah, for example.  So many of us remember her as a very young cat and our heart aches when we remember having seen her during a seizure.  She is one of our special ones because we have found ourselves crying while watching her and smiling brightly when she jumps up to Magenta’s counter for her meal.

So many of us say the same thing when we see Octavia; “How is it possible, no one has come for her yet.”  And yet we treasure the laughter she brings us as we cheer her determination to carry out her heists.

We wonder and worry about Kiara, Zelda, Dahney, County, Raza, Preakness, Jaina, and others who we just don’t understand why they have not been “chosen”.  So we love them with a little more from our heart because while we love having them as “ours” we so want them to find that special home.  Our emotions are torn, because they have become “ours” but know they all deserve to be someone’s “special” cat.

Recently, we cried and smiled at the same time as we said “goodbye” to one such special cat, knowing she was going home with someone who has loved her from the moment she came to FFRC.  We rejoiced when it was official yet still shed tears because we watched her from the beginning when she struggled and we all so wanted to ease her pain.

She arrived on December 27th, 2011, exactly one year ago today.  She was just 14 weeks old.  She was found in someone’s yard, all by herself.  That in itself is heartbreaking.  No cat should be found wandering alone, let alone one so young and in such bad shape.  Both of her eyes were sunk in and the vets all agreed she had atrophied facial muscles, causing her eyes to recede.

She was given the name Fifi, named after our webcam friend AuntyFi. 

At first, it was hard to know just how much she could see.  As she got stronger and began to move around the center, it was clear she had some sight, but based on her movements, it wasn’t much and wasn’t far.

On March 6th, 2012 she had surgery on both her lower eye lids.  The surgery was called endotropian.  The procedure was done to try and improve her eyesight.  There were no guarantees and during surgery she was also diagnosed with Synechia, this is where the iris is yellow and the pupil has strands of yellow that radiates outward.  She probably contracted this as a very small kitten as it is caused by a virus.  From her birth, around 9/20/2011 until she was found, nothing is known about how she was and what she faced.

The surgery greatly improved her eyesight.  It will never be perfect, but it’s good enough to help her get around and do the things she loves.  Her lower lids were not operated on and show no sign of interfering with her sight.

She’s been checked by the eye vet in April, October and just before she was adopted to make sure all is well, and it was and is.

Torties are second to black cats as being the hardest to adopt out.  And add her sight issues, she always seemed to be passed up when adopters came in.  But she had her own fan club on the webcam, lead by AuntyFi who has sent her some stuffed animals to comfort her after surgery, toys and her own special cat chair.  The night it arrived, Fifi seemed to know it was for her and immediately jumped on the flower where it was placed and hopped on in.  It was one of those special moments on cam that made people smile from one end of the earth to the other.

Fifi also seemed to know the days of the week.  Every Thursday, she could be found in a condo closest to the door, waiting for her special volunteer to come.  And when Pat would come in the door, she always would find her Fifi first and give a big hug.  So it was no surprise when Pat announced several weeks ago that she was getting herself a special present for the holidays.  She was bringing Fifi home.

We love them all, but some touch us more than others.  Especially those that are faced with difficult challenges and meet them and show us no challenge is too great for a cat to be a cat.

And so on the one year anniversary of us having this sweet kitten come into our lives, and the many months that followed when we worried about her, wondered about her and prayed for her, we know she is home now, surrounded by love, compassion and her own new family. But unlike some who get adopted and we are left to wonder how they are, we are lucky because we know we will get weekly updates, every Thursday.

They may leave the Center, but they never leave our hearts.