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Feliz Navidad --The beginning

Every FFRC cat has a story to tell. 

Most of the stories begin with fear, with fright and with hopelessness.  The stories may start off sad, but through love, commitment and an unending belief that Every Cat Matters, they become stories to share, to applaud and to, hopefully, remind everyone that people together can make a difference.

This is a story of a cat some of you may know, or may have heard about.  But if you haven’t, know this; this is the story of what FFRC is all about.

Imagine for a minute it is Christmas.  It is cold, so very cold.  There has been an ice storm and heavy snow.  A man spotted a cat, laying flat on the side of the road.  By all appearances, she was dead.  As he drove his plow back and forth he was on his last drive-by when he noticed she had raised her head.  She had been there at least five hours and he could barely believe his eyes.  She was alive.

He went to her and gently, ever so gingerly pried her frozen body from the road.  He took her to a friend who immediately wrapped her up and took her to FFRC.  She was suffering from severe hypothermia and now she was at FFRC where immediate medical care began. 

For the next 48 hours she struggled to breathe, yet purred non-stop.

The first day she couldn’t swallow.  By day two she was able to swallow a little but couldn’t walk or stand.  Then on, day three she showed all her human caretakers that she was a survivor as she slowly, but confidently ate.

By day four she tried to stand and on day five she walked, just in tight circles, but walk she did.

Her ordeal had left her with severe neurological problems, but she was determined to be a cat.  And the angels that cared for her were determined to let her be just that.

Her full name is Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda Fauster Moss.  Feliz Navidad because she truly was a Christmas miracle, Grace because she is full of grace and forgiveness, Rhoda because she was frozen to the road, a fact that cannot be changed, should never be forgotten and is a testament to her strength and perseverance, Fauster because that is the name of her godmomma’s last name and Moss because she was adopted by Jacci Moss.

Today, Feliz runs and plays and still occasionally spins in circles and always purrs.  How she came to be frozen on the side of the road, only she knows.  But how she came to survive, well that is a story we all know.  It is a story of angels living here on earth; a story of how ordinary people, doing extraordinary things make miracles possible. 

Feliz didn’t survive just because good people kept her warm, gave her food and hoped for the best.  She was given immediate medical care.  She was given IV Fluids, pain medication and other medicine to help her live and get better.  As the days turned to weeks then months in her recovery she continued to get medical care along with her human care.  And at no time was the question of how much money her care would cost debated. 

Because of her, FFRC started the Feliz Navidad fund.  It was set up to have funds available for those cases where there are extraordinary medical costs. 

Spaying and Neutering are a must for all FFRC cats.  Vaccinations, wellness exams and other “normal” medical care are also a must.  But then there are those cases when a cat needs medical care that goes well beyond “normal.” 

Two years ago, Asha, for example, needed her front leg amputated to ease her pain and give her the chance to be the cat she has become.

Many years ago, Bella came in as a kitten with one paw on a bridge and a determined spirit to stay right here.  The cost of her procedures came from the Feliz Navidad fund, donations by good people doing extraordinary things.

For us long time cam watchers, we’ve seen the heartbreak when cats come in with horrific injuries, then because of good medicine and good people get better and go on to be adopted, with never a thought of how much the care costs:  Pacino, KW and Zander are three recent cats that come to mind.  All three with significant injuries that received the medical care they needed, the love and compassion they deserved and now are living their lives as happy, healthy “normal” cats in furever homes.

We have seen recently cats that some in the world may have given up on come to FFRC where no cat is given up on;  Bravo, Mariska, McLovin, Derecho and Jaina.  We see daily the care given by both  humans and medicine to Farrah and Emaline, both needing expensive drugs to not just live but to happily live.

FFRC survives not on the $90 adoption fee; it survives because of people who step up and give, whether by donations of much needed supplies or monetary donations.  Every can of food, every bottle of detergent, every package of wipes means that money normally spent on such things can go to other things, with the largest expense being medical costs.

Not everyone is in a position to give, and that is ok.  Voting helps FFRC.  Posting informative or positive things here in FB helps.  Coming on chat and sharing the joy of what we get to see in a positive way, helps.  Reminding others in your home town to spay and neuter helps fulfill the mission of FFRC.

But if you are in a position to give we are asking that you help with an immediate need to help pay for the medical care of the recent cats with extraordinary medical costs.

 We are asking that you become an Earth Angel.

August 12 through August 18th is Earth Angel week at FFRC.  We are asking that those who can give a $10 donation become an Earth Angel of FFRC.

All Earth Angels of FFRC will be posted here on a special page of thanks.  Each night during daily updates that week, Jacci will update us on how the FFRC Earth Angel fund is progressing and she will share with us a story of one of the cats that you will be helping.

 Throughout the week on FB we will share stories of cats with special medical needs that we can all proudly say were helped because they were touched by an Earth Angel.

Earth Angel week begins August 12th through pay pal donations.  But you can send in your $10 pledge now by check to:


                14597 Power Dam Rd.

                Defiance, OH 43512

Be sure to include on the envelope:  Attention Earth Angel

Together all Earth Angels can help FFRC do for a special cat what was done for Feliz Navidad Grace Rhoda Fauster Moss;  turn a story of despair into a story of triumph.