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Farrah -- Home!


It is the universal question in chat.  “Has Farrah had her meds?”  Well, Farrah would like to say something to all of you:

“Butt out!!!  That’s between momma Jacci and me!”

Well, now that Farrah has gotten that off her chest, let’s remind her of a few facts about why the cam world cares so much about whether she has had her meds.

Farrah arrived at FFRC on 6/27/2009 when she was just 7 weeks old.  Her birthday is 5/16/2009. She was found just wandering around the woods by a friend of Jacci’s.  The woman named her Farrah.

That was a white kitten season, that summer.  Her and four other white kittens were all at FFRC around the same time.  Farrah was not part of the other litter, but she blended in nicely with them.  On 9/1/2009 all five kittens were given some medicine.  All went into seizures shortly after the meds were given.  After a frantic call to the vet’s office, who asked Jacci to check the package for mislabelings, drug interactions, etc, it was decided that something was terribly wrong with the medication.  It was promptly reported to all the places FFRC orders meds from and was put down as a reaction to this particular med.  The other 4 kitties recovered in 24 hours and never had another seizure.

But not Farrah.  It took several days until the last of the tremors finally stopped.  Within a week though her seizures started again, but only in short durations.

She continued to suffer from small seizures, that were spaced out;  sometimes days, weeks or even months.  They were carefully tracked to see if there was any pattern.  For a while, she seemed to be doing well, not being on medicine. 

The webcam allows us to see some wonderful things.  We get to see different cats interacting in ways even someone with cats might not always see.  But there are times when we also see things that are difficult to watch.

One time on cam, Farrah was high on the catwalk and had a seizure.  She fell to the ground and Jacci immediately rushed to her.  Jacci is experienced with what to do during a seizure.  She wrapped a towel around her and held her, ensuring her head and tongue were protected.  It didn’t last long, but for those of us who were watching it was 30 seconds of feeling utterly helpless.

When Farrah has her seizures, she is fine right afterwards.  It is almost as if she has no memory of what has just happened, and she probably doesn’t.  She is kept quiet for a few hours, and then is back to her normal self.

Very late one night, when nighttime cam viewing didn’t have a lot of viewers, Farrah had another seizure.  This one was a longer one, and so very frightening for those watching.  A wonderful, caring viewer from CA immediately called Jacci and said “a white cat is having a seizure.”  Jacci rushed out to the center and held Farrah until the trembling stopped.

Farrah was put on medication that she now receives twice daily. The medication at first made her a little unsteady.  The dosage was changed and carefully monitored.  Another side effect of the medication is that it can cause a little weight gain.  Of course, we’ve not noticed that at all in our little Farrah.

It has been many, many months since Farrah has had a seizure.  She wears a collar to easily spot her in case she should have one.  She does not wear a collar because she is a resident.  She is up for adoption. 

Loving, sweet and so wanting her own special person, many adopters are immediately taken by this beautiful cat, but they are also scared off by her history of seizures.  There are no guarantees in life.  There are no guarantees she will ever have another seizure, just as there are no guarantees she won’t.

Farrah is much loved by the volunteers and of course, momma Jacci.  She has ridden on Jacci’s shoulders for years.  It was adorable when she was a kitten, and still is, but looks a little more of an adjustment for Jacci to walk with this wonderful white “fluffy” cat going for a ride.

Farrah is a chirper who loves to carry spring toys around in her mouth while chirping away.  And she loves to roll around in the grooming tub.  She has also been given special permission by Magenta to share her counter during morning breakfast.

Someday, someone will come into FFRC and hear Farrah’s story, meet this wonderful cat and say “I will love her unconditionally.  I will tend to whatever medical challenges she has.  And I will give her a home full of love, respect and compassion.  Someday Farrah will find her furever home.

Until then, she is ours to watch.  She is ours to laugh at when she runs around with that green spring toy in her mouth, chirping like a bird.  She is ours to worry about and she is ours to ask simply, not because we are annoying but because we just love this sweet, beautiful cat, “Has our sweet Farrah had her meds?”

And Farrah would like you to know, why, yes she has had her meds, silly people.  What she really wants is for someone to come in and ask “Can I adopt Farrah, because I love her and will keep her happy, safe and well.”

UPDATE:  In April, 2013, Jacci decided that Farrah would remain in the only home she has ever known, FFRC.  Farrah is now a permanent resident of FFRC.  She will always be loved, always be safe, and she will always get her meds!