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Fabio--Simply Fabulous

I need a little more brushing on the left.  Oh, make it more puffy please.  Now, under my chin.  Oh, I wish my hair would grow back soon.  I don’t want to disappoint my adoring public.  What?  What do you mean they won’t be able to see me?  I don’t understand, my public wants to see me.  Text only?  Fine.  My public will be disappointed, very disappointed.

Hello everyone I’m Fabio.  I’m so sorry for you all that you don’t get to see me right now, but I guess that’s the way it has to be.  It is, right we’re sure about that?  Ok, moving on.

I live here at Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  I am a Sun Porch Cat.  I am a very independent cat.  I get to come and go as I please.  And that pleases me.  Oh, many have tried to keep me locked up in their “rooms”, but it just doesn’t work for me.  You see I’m my own cat.  I gotta be me and I gotta be free.  It’s like I’m always telling Hank, Gotta Be Free, You and Me.  Oh, wow, I should copyright that!

I was born October 15, 2007 and during the winter of 2009, I realized that it was wrong to keep myself to myself, so I decided to let FFRC adopt me.  I wandered on up to the grounds and made sure that several people, including momma Jacci saw me.  But I did want play a little hard to get.  So I watched as they all tried to entice me with their “here, kitty, kitty” phrases.  How funny they were.  I let them catch me in one of those traps they have.  They think they caught me, but I allowed them to.  I remember that day very well.  Momma Jacci looked in the trap and was so very cautious.  I actually think she thought I was going to bite her.  Imagine, me biting someone.  Ha.  She put her finger in the trap, for some reason still unclear to me.  So I rubbed up against it to let her know I had decided she was an acceptable momma.  She took me inside the clinic and scooped me up and we had one of those “special moments”.  It really was fabulous.  She said I was now Fabio.  I really like that name.  It is so fitting for me.

Momma Jacci would soon learn that I chose to spray.  Yes, it is a choice.  I am a sprayer and proud of it.  She told me I could become a Porchie.  Oh, the other Porchies were so happy that I decided to join them.  I really am their leader, you know.  Oh, Hank would have you believe otherwise, but I know the truth.  Just look at him, then me.  Well, I won’t be cruel, but I am the leader, trust me.

And as the leader, I decided from that moment on that I would never leave here.  They couldn’t possibly exist without me. 

I know sometimes people get a little confused between the Porchies and the Covies.  Sure, we have some similarities, but here’s the difference.  We are the rebels, the lone wolves, err lone tigers.  We are the independent ones that need to be wall free.  I have nothing against walls, but keep me between four for too long and I am NOT responsible for my actions.

I actually don’t get as stressed out as some of my brothers.  Man, put Cliff in a room for 10 minutes and he goes crazy, I tell ya.  Crazy.  Oh, this weekend the fool locked himself in Kitty City by mistake and it took them hours to find him.  I knew where he was all the time, but no one asked me; anyway, enough about him.

In fact, when I feel like it, I sneak into the main center from time to time.  All the other cats look at me like “wow, we’ve heard stories about you, but didn’t know you really existed.”  Yup, I do exist.  I like the main center because they have treats everywhere. 

There was this one time I snuck into the center and Jackie S. and Donna kept looking at me and avoiding me.  I kept walking up to them to say hi and they would back away.  Finally I realized why.  They thought I was Badu.  Can you believe it?  I am so much nice looking than Badu.  I mean, she’s pretty and all, but I’m a stud.  Yup, a pure stud.

I mean it.  And it’s not just me who thinks so.  When people come to visit and someone says, “Oh, that’s Fabio,” the visitors will come over to me and say “Fabio.  I’ve always had a crush on you?”  So, I’m kind of famous.  And of course Fabio is a shortened version of Fabulous.  Yup, that’s me I’m Fabulous and everyone knows it.

I think there’s a famous cat that looks like me somewhere out there.  His name must be Butter, because when people meet me they always say “I can’t believe it’s not Butter.”  I just smile and let them think I’m this Butter cat.  But I’m really Fabio!

It’s easy to sneak into the Center, getting out is much more difficult.  But I have a little system.  When I’m ready to leave I just spray a clean load of laundry and am always quickly let out.  It’s so neat how everyone comes running to me.  They are really very attentive to my desire to leave once I let them know I want to.

No one ever really gets mad at me for spraying, but this one time momma Jacci was a little annoyed at me.  They had just cleaned out Kitty City and had it all ready for the Cove Cats to move in for the winter and I just wanted to welcome them so I snuck in and sprayed every table in there.  Momma Jacci caught me in the act and she was not pleased with me.  She called me a little stinker.  I said I was sorry and she forgave me.  So we’re cool now.

I just love exploring the grounds.  I’m here, there and everywhere.  I like to hide and see how long it takes people to find me, but with all my beautiful hair, I usually stand out.  That brings me to a recent travesty that occurred.   Momma Jacci had some kind of an “episode” with the hair clippers and went all crazy on me.  She said she was just giving me a summer trim, but she cut off almost all my hair.  She left a strip of hair down my back, but it wasn’t enough.  I was really mad about it.  Some cats pout for days when they are upset, I went on a spraying spree.

I bet I don’t get one of those haircuts again.  I know I must have a summer cut as I am simply too busy with all my duties to take time to groom myself.  And to momma Jacci’s credit she never cuts my mane, my adoring public just wouldn’t stand for it.

Well, I must go now, it is time for my nap.  Being this gorgeous is simply exhausting.  Take care, I know you love me.  All of you.