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Emaline--Ours for life

Many of the cats that come to FFRC are not in good condition.  Some have horrible injuries that are almost always avoidable and because of immediate and complete medical care are helped and heal and get adopted.  We have just witnessed but one of the success stories of FFRC as our sweet McLovin went to his furever home.

But sometimes there are cats that come in, not due to injuries but due to illness.  And sometimes, there are cats that can be helped but their condition requires long-term or life-long care.  Sometimes those cats are also adopted, but when making a decision to adopt a cat with special medical needs, a person must truly look honestly at their finances, knowing the medical care can never end for the cat.

Emaline is one such cat.  Emaline arrived at FFRC when she was just 11 weeks old, on December 2, 2009.  She was a very sick kitten.  She had to have surgery to have her right eye removed due to a severe infection.  The infection also left significant scaring on her left eye. 

She was, quite simply and immune disaster.  Medicine was given to help alleviate her skin soreness, which breaks out and causes redness and itching.  This causes infections that can be very dangerous.

Once her skin was under control and she was healed in her eyes, she was adopted out on March, 22, 2010.  Her owner loved her very much but was simply overwhelmed by the amount of medical care Emaline would need.  She had good days and not so good days, and seemed so uncomfortable when her condition would get progressively worse.  Sadly, the owner had to return Emaline in November, 2010 knowing that was best for Emaline.

After much medical attention (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine and other medicine) Emaline began to feel better.

In the Spring of 2011, FFRC had an early kitten season (they seem to get earlier each year!) and Emaline took it upon herself to start a new business as she opened Emaline’s Spa.  She had regular appointments (walk-ins or climb-ups always welcome) and would lie in the purple flower and bathe kitten after kitten, sometimes an entire litter at once.  Most of her clients were orphans and happily would go back for additional treatments.

With her business thriving, Emaline needed help and reached out to Cutie who had a thriving Spa business herself.  The two combined to create one of the most successful Spa’s in North America.

For a while, her immune problems seemed under control with regular topical medicines.  But she would have an occasional “flare-up” requiring injections to calm her skin.  Her face area gets especially irritated.

Emaline sees the vet frequently and has numerous tests to rule out food allergies and other common allergies.  Each vet concurs with the diagnosis, she has a compromised immune system that will be a lifelong challenge.  As different medicines become available, they have been tried and right now after a recent major flare-up, she is on a new type of medicine involving several weeks of injections.  Her skin appears to be responding to the latest treatment, as it normally does until it flairs up again.

After working with her treatments for almost a year and a half, Jacci decided in the past few months that Emaline would become a permanent resident.  Not an easy decision, as with each permanent resident there is less space for new cats.  But, as always, the decision was made based on what is in Emaline’s best interest.  This way, we all know that she will get the proper, timely medical care she needs to fight her battles.  And she has always and will always get all the love necessary to make sure she knows she is not in this struggle alone.

Her condition is for life, and at times can become life threatening.  Severe infections can be fatal.  Emaline is constantly monitored and given antibiotics when needed.

Recently, she has discovered that she likes spending time inside Jacci’s house and is allowed frequent visits, but her home is in the main center with her resident friends and her temporary Spa customers.

Despite her skin condition, she loves to be petted and loves to have her chin rubbed.  She eats well, is kind of a “never misses a meal” cat and is usually front and center when treat time is called.  All of the volunteers take special care to make sure she is given the love she deserves and needs.  When Diane comes to the Center, Emaline is quick to find her, knowing she will get very special attention.

Recently, we were all witness to her never ending determination to lead a normal life when, despite being in the middle of one of her very bad flair-ups, she decided to spend one night taking several long runs on the big wheel, reminding us that she is a cat, first and foremost.

She will always require special medical care and will always receive it.  Her home is FFRC and we are all grateful to have her.  She is living proof that love doesn’t end because you have enormous challenges.  She has found her Earth Angels and we have found her.


Update:  On August 9th, 2013, sweet Emaline passed away.  She was held and loved as she said good bye.  Her time was not measured in length of years, but in the amount of heart she always displayed.  She was loved her entire life and always returned that love.  She will always be a part of FFRC.  Emaline was living proof that Every Cat Matters.