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Dahney -- Wanting a home


Here’s the thing about love, compassion and respect, it can transform you, and it can save you, especially from circumstances beyond your control among people who have never heard the words.

Dahney was born 3/12/2011 and for the first year of her life she lived with an owner who didn’t care if she lived or died (his words to another person).

During this time she lived mostly outdoors, was occasionally fed and got pregnant and had babies.

Here’s the thing about living in that environment, it makes you fear things that need not be feared.  It makes you cautious about everything you do and all that others do.  It is all you know, it is all Dahney knew until one day a hero said “enough”.  He said “I will not stand by and allow this to continue.

And so this hero, a friend of Jacci’s stepped in and took Dahney and her 5 babies who were 7 weeks old.

It seemed appropriate that they were all named to honor their hero.  So in honor of Jacci’s hero friend Dennis, they were all named with a D: Darylin, Densmore, Durell, Dennison and Dolan.

And mom was named Dahney, which means “safe and well” in some language.

And safe and well they now were among the angels of FFRC.  Dahney was very malnourished and looked like a young kitten herself.  But she was the mom, fearful of the world, but ever so loving to her babies.

When the kittens were old enough to roam around the center, they were here, there and everywhere but would come running to their room when momma Dahney would call them in for feeding or nap time.

Dahney herself, preferred to stay in cats corner room most days, she was still a little unsure of the new world she found herself in.  Imagine spending your whole life with someone who didn’t care if you lived or died and then one day you are brought to a place where ever person loves you unconditionally and wants to make sure you are safe, happy and healthy.  It takes time to understand it and believe it to be true.

And so this soft gold colored tiger cat slowly came out of her shell, slowly made her way around the center, slowly entered this new world where love, compassion and respect is the guiding principle.

As she approaches her second birthday, she is still on the shy side, she still remembers the past.  But she has made tremendous progress in trusting humans.

Dahney loves the laser light to play with.  She loves big rugs to roll on.  She is finally relaxed in her world. During Janet’s recent visit to FFRC, she took Dahney to Kitty Kastle for an extended visit to work on letting her trust her environment and new life of living among good people.

Dahney loves the window ledges, loves watching the birds and loves a good chin rub.

She is normally fed separately from the other cats as she prefers this, it’s easier on her laid back manner to ensure she eats properly.

She is up for adoption at FFRC and would do well in a quiet home that reinforces the fact that bad humans are few and good humans are many.

She would do well in a home guided by three simple words, Love, Compassion and Respect.

Dahney is waiting for that family to come and reach out their hands to say, “come home with me and I will keep you safe and well.”



Thinking about adopting Dahney?  Here’s what some other’s have had to say about her:


Jacci Moss:  “She’s a sweet girl.  Just a wonderful sweet girl!”

Daryln:  “She’s the best mom ever!  I tried pulling her hair off one day and she whispered to me ‘go do that on the humans, they like that much better’ and you know what?  She was right!  Momma Jacci loves it when I pull her hair out.”

Gallant:  “So Dahney and I were talking and we decided the bad people of the world will get there’s one day, we’re going to focus on the good people.  And you know what?  There are good people everywhere!”

Zavatar:  “So I broke into the main center one day and of course the web cammers all ratted me out to Jacci.  But I hid and Jacci couldn’t find me.  I found myself face to face with Dahney.  Any other cat would have meowed up a storm ‘momma Jacci, he’s here’ but not Dahney.  She just looked at me and said ‘I don’t want any trouble.’  Then she walked away.  She’s cool in my book.  Momma Jacci found me a few minutes later because that teacher’s pet Zelda sang like only a tuxie could.”

Badu:  “Why are you asking me about Dahney, let me in the house.  Let me in, let me in.  She’s ok, no problems with her.  It’s the rest of them I need to get away from.  Let me in.  I’m not going to say it again, let me in now!”

Derecho:  “I have no idea who you are asking about.  Does she live here?  That’s news to me.  Well, I gotta go play now, tell Dahney I said ‘hi’ and ask her to come out into the main area, I’d like to meet her.”


Update!  On Sunday, September 15, 2013 Dahney's patience finally paid off!  She was adopted!  She came from neglect but found FFRC and was saved and now she will know nothing but love forever!  She is living proof that Every Cat Matters and FFRC ensures Every Cat that can be saved, is saved.