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County -- Wanting a home


 Oh, how we wish they could simply tell us how it is they happen to be where they were found.  But they can’t, so we just are left to wonder.  Or maybe it is better for us to focus on one of the sayings written at FFRC:  “I’m where I was meant to be.”

A good person found County on a county road, he had been hit by a car.  He was brought to the local vet’s office and surgery was done to repair his right femoral head.  A pin was put in place to stabilize it.  He also had four teeth broken that were all removed.  It was a long day for this one year old cat, June 9, 2011..  He arrived at Dr. Pettigrew’s office all broken up.  His day would end at FFRC where he’s been ever since. 

He spent a lot of time in Patience’s Pen when he first arrived.  We would catch glimpses of him on cam.  He always seemed so sad, so lonely.  But over time he came out of his shell.  He would perk up when given pets.  He just loves to be petted.

County is a shy boy.  He doesn’t like to be picked up by strangers, but absolutely loves to be petted.  Oh, yes, chin rubs are the best.  Simply the best, please.  He will show his appreciation by sitting quietly and purr, purr, purr.

In April, 2012 he had a few more teeth removed.  These were probably also injured in the accident.

County is also a polydactal, meaning he has thumbs! 

He waits, and waits for that special someone to come and look past his shyness and say “I want a cat who wants to be loved and who will show me love in return.”  He waits for his furever home.

He has been brought out to Kitty Kastle several times by visitors and loves it.  He is very comfortable there, when it’s just him and his human.  He loves his special human time where there is just him and the touch that every cat wants and needs.

County loves his cushie beds.  Loves quiltes to lay on and just wants a human to snuggle up to.  KK guests say he loves to watch a little t.v. too!

County also loves his bird watching.  He will sit in the window and watch the birds at the feeders outside, so having a nice sunny window is really a must for our County boy.

County would do best in a quiet home where he can feel secure.  Lots of noises scare him, but lots of tenderness is just fine with him.  His birthday is June 1, 2010 and this year he would love to spend his birthday with his furever family in his furever home.  He is up for adoption right now at FFRC, waiting for his special person to come and give him a big hug and of course, a chin rub.



Thinking about adopting County?  Here’s what some other’s have had to say about him:


Jacci Moss:  “He’s a sweet boy.  Just a wonderful sweet boy!”

Weber:  “Only cat I can really high five and feel like we are kindred souls!  Thumbs up, County.”

Raza:  “So I said, County, don’t give up.  Look at me.  They did a story and next thing I know I’ve got an airline ticket to Seattle!”

Octavia:  “I’ve tried to convince County to use his thumbs for better things than just walking.  But he’s all ‘oh, no, stealing isn’t right’.  I say, come an adopt him.  He does me no good at all.  So much potential, what a waste of talent.”

Kiara:  “I love County.  He’s quiet.  Quiet is good.  We nap together sometimes.  He’s a good cat, a good friend.”

Buckeye:  “We sometimes snuggle together.  County is very polite.  I like him very much.”

Miler:  “County is kinda gullible.  I told him he could never fly, as he would set off the metal detectors with his leg.  He’s so worried about it!  Imagine a cat on an airplane.  Never heard of such a thing!”

Bella:  “County is ok.  But when he starts with his ‘oh, I was hit by a car once’, I just tell him ‘hey, don’t tell me your problems kid.’  He’s a sweet boy though.”

UPDATE:  In April, 2013 County finally got what he's wanted for so long, his own home with his own family as he was adopted!  This sweet boy gets to be the center of attention and we are so very happy for him!  Congratulations County, good things come to those who wait!