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Cliff --The Sunshine Cat

Hi friends.  My name is Cliff.  My home is in Defiance, Ohio.  It is where I live with my second family.  Before I talk about my second family and home, I just wanted to tell you about my first home.

Some of my brothers here had really bad lives before coming to FFRC.  I feel so bad for them; some of them are still scared to this day when they remember their life before coming here.  But I want to make sure you all know this:

I had a momma that loved me and I loved her.  But something terrible happened and my momma went with an angel up to heaven where I know she is ok and looking after me.  When my momma left on her journey it was really hard for me.  I was so sad.  I missed her so much.  So my momma’s family thought it was better if I went to a place where my sadness would go away.  So they asked momma Jacci if she would take me and love me even though I had some issues that other places said would make me not wanted. 

Momma Jacci looked at me then smiled and gave me a big hug and said “if it’s ok with you, I’d like you to come here and make this your new home.”  I said yes, and came here on June 18, 2009.  That was just after my one year birthday which was June 6, 2008.

The first few weeks here I was really very sad and scared.  In my other home I could come and go outside whenever I wanted.  You see I have this problem where I can’t be inside for too long or I just get very upset.  It’s hard sometimes but I’ve tried staying inside but the walls kind of start to get closer to me and I just need to get some air.

I guess I am a pretty rare cat.  I have a cleft lip.  I’ve been told it’s rare in a cat but because it’s not part of my upper soft palate I can eat and breathe just fine.  Sometimes when people meet me I can hear them whispering “oh, look at that poor thing, how awful”.  I just want to scream out, “no, don’t say that.  I’m ok.  I may not look like other cats, but I’m a good cat.  I am a happy cat.  I am a loved cat.”  I don’t know why some people think looks are so important and can’t see past some slight differences.  But here I am treated like a cat.  I am loved unconditionally.  I am accepted.  I matter to people.

I am just like any other cat; not purrfect but who is purrfect?  I love to have my belly rubbed and my back scratched like most cats do.  I never fight.  I run away when someone wants to fight.  I’d rather find myself a sunbeam and soak up all the sun I can get.

I love the sun.  It is just the best thing ever.  Cloudy days make me sad, but the sun is just wonderful.  I will find just where the best beam of light is shining and I will lie down and let it shine on me. I will share a secret with you, please don’t think I’m strange, but I really do believe my first momma is at the other end of that sunbeam and she is smiling down at me giving me warmth and love.

When I see the light shining, I just keep thinking this is the best way to be free.  And when it moves from West to East I dream of running free and letting everyone know that all is well, all is great, I am allowed to be me.  I am allowed to be a cat.  Because that is what I am; a cat, one that can sometimes get a little stressed, a little sad but one that is lifted up by the sunbeam sent from heaven to make my world be full of sunshine.  So the next time you see a sunbeam, know that at the other end of it is someone that loves you very much and wants you to be happy, just the way you are.