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Charlie - The Shy Cat

Name: Charlie

Birthday: September 15, 2007

Came to live in Cats Cove: March, 2008

Favorite Treat/Toy: Fancy Feast Appetizers Seabass and Shrimp Flavor

“Hello everyone, Sevaun here and welcome to Sweatin with Sevuan.  Today’s Special Guest is Charlie!  Ok Charlie, you are on:”

Hi, I’m Charlie..Now back to Sevaun.
What, Charlie?  We talked about this.  You said you could do it.  Talk to the good people out there.”

I don’t want to.

“Sorry everyone, Charlie is, well he’s a little shy.  Look Charlie, remember you were going to tell your story of how you came to Kitty City?  There are a lot of people out there who want to hear your story.  Oh, don’t cover your head with your paws.  Look, stand up straight…Put your ears back and your tail out and talk to the good people.”

I don’t want to.

“Ok, Charlie.  How about I ask the questions and you answer them.”

“How old are you and when’s your birthday?”

4 years and 7 months.  I was born September 15, 2007.

“Good, now who brought you to momma Jacci’s?”

No one. 

“What do you mean no one?  Everyone is brought here by someone”.

I was walking by one day and saw the pretty goat and decided to say hi.  I didn’t have a home so I decided to stay.   When momma Jacci called all the cats in for dinner that night, I just came in with them.  She looked at me and said ‘Oh, my garsh.  Who are you?’ Then  momma Jacci asked me if I wanted to stay and I didn’t have anywhere else to go so I said ok.  She always tells me that I was one of the few cats that picked her out.

“I noticed that sometimes recently, you stay out at night later than some of us.  How come?”

It’s pretty watching the sun set.  When it gets too late, I always run to the back office door and scratch it.  Then when momma Jacci opens the door and  I run to Kitty City and she lets me in.

“How long have you been here, I can’t remember when you came?”

I’ve been here since March, 2008.  I had my anniversary last month and no one wished me happy anniversary except momma Jacci.  She gave me my favorite treat that day.

“What’s that?”

Seabass Shrimp

“Ok, good to know.  So who is your best friend?”

Momma Jacci

“Other than her”


“Anyone else”


“How about non-people?”


“The goat!  I mean who is your favorite cat friend!”


“What, I thought I was.  Muffin doesn’t even talk to you.  You don’t even talk to anyone you are so shy.  How can Muffin be your best friend?”

She gets me.

“Hey, stop that.  Don’t scratch while we are doing this.  We have many fans out there and they will be upset.”

I have an &#*@_

“What.  You have  a snitch?  I don’t understand you. You have a mouth full of fur.  Speak up young man.”

I have an itch.  I have to scratch it.  Can you please help I can’t reach my back.  What’s a snitch?  Can you get an itch on your snitch? 

“No, stop that Charlie.  There will be no scratching here.  Look Charlie is there anything you want to tell your fans out there?”

Yes.  Could someone send me a back scratcher please?  Now back to you Sevuan.

“Thank you Charlie.  Ok, let’s all skip the exercising for today because now I have a bad itch on my back.  Darn you Charlie!!!”

This is Sevaun saying

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!