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Calling All Angels

We are the witnesses to ordinary people doing extraordinary things; with love, compassion and the unending belief that that we all can be an Angel here on Earth to one in need.

Her name is Mariska.  She was born around 4/4/2012 and at the age of only 10 weeks old, this sweet calico was hit by a car and left for dead. Her face was scared, her lip intact but her right front leg was so badly damaged it was useless.  The nerve was severed making it useless.  She was found on 6/13/2012 and emergency surgery was quickly scheduled for the next morning.

Once back at FFRC that day after surgery she had considerable difficulty with the pain meds, but was kept warm and comfortable.  She was constantly reassured by her human friends that all would be fine.  There were simple rubs to the chin and gentle words from gentle voices to remind her she was safe and would be guided through her healing process every step of the way, no matter how difficult those steps might be.

After a few days of quiet time, she was out and walking.  Slow steps at first, learning what she needed, to make it from point A to point B.  While her caretakers, her Earth Angels wanted her to take it a little slow, she just wanted to be a kitten; with places to go and poles to climb.  After just a few days, she climbed up one of the cat poles in the office and when she reached her desired height, she climbed back down again, at her pace and on her terms.

Mariska has shown us on the webcam that she is a kitten full of life.  She loves to run, loves to play.  Sometimes, in the early days she outdid herself and needed some soreness meds and pain medications.  It’s hard to keep a kitten from wanting to be a kitten.  But she would learn her limitations and then do her best to go a little further each day.

She made friends quickly and has kept up with all of them.  Another visit to the vet proved she was not only a good cat, but a good healer.

When mother nature showed her own strength and took out the power for a week, she developed an infection.  Antibiotics would clear that up and when the power came back full strength, so did Mariska.  Running and playing and climbing and reminding us all that we are only handicapped by the limitations we put on ourselves.  She is different from most other cats, but only if you count the number of paws she has.  She is as loving and as playful as any cat.  Her energy is only endless late at night when she will plop down on some strange shaped toy and decide it is time for a rest.

She just wants to be a cat, for that is what she is.  She has progressed so much that she is now up for adoption, just like all the other cats; waiting for her forever family to come and take her home.

An operation, bandages, pain medicines and antibiotics all has a price, but reminding us that sometimes we all find ourselves in need of Angels here on Earth, well that is simply a priceless lesson for us all.




We are the witnesses to the reality that when we focus not on the cruelty of others but rather on the ability to move forward and use our strength to help heal others we can truly make a difference in a life.

Sometimes it’s hard to not dwell on the cold hearted, but only if we let our warmth show can we bring warmth to another.

His name is McLovin and he was born around 4/24/2012.  He was just 9 weeks old when a horrified person witnessed him being thrown out of a car window on June 26, 2012.  This kind hearted person, ran to him, picked him up and brought him to FFRC.  Immediately, team FFRC sprung into action. 

His face looked like a pizza, all covered in red.  Even if there was no eyewitness, this is always a tell-tale sign of being thrown from a moving vehicle, because the kittens normally land on their face first. His lip area was hanging down from his lower jaw.  Again, a common issue when the face hits the ground.  But the most damage was done to his right front leg.  He hit the ground with such force the nerve was torn in half, resulting in absolutely no feeling in that leg.  His right leg was also very sore and tender and it hurt to put pressure on it when he walked.  He was immediately given soreness meds and put on antibiotics.  His lip area was cleaned up as was his face.  He was scared, so very scared.

The next day his rear leg was much better and he was eating.  He was also purring and seemed much happier about things, and much less scared.

On 6/28 he was taken to the vet for surgery.  The vet concurred with the original assessment, McLovin’s front right leg could not be saved.  Once removed, the vet worked on his lip, literally tying up the skin and holding it in place with a button and sutures. 

For the next few days, he was kept quiet while he recovered.  He was on pain meds and antibiotics.  Extra care was taken when he was fed to keep his lip area clean.

Ten days later his “button” and sutures were removed from his lip and leg area.  His lower lip still hangs a bit low but that is just how it is now.  As long as his face is always checked to ensure he never “collects” food in that “pouch” he’ll be fine.  And as we all know, he has a very high energy level.  He runs and plays just like any kitten.  He is super lovable, loving his pets.  His name fits him well.  So does some of his nicknames such as  McCrazy and McGoofy. 

We see him wrestling and playing with all the other kittens because he is just like all the other kittens.  Him and Weber are good buddies.  Then again, e’s good buddies with just about every cat.

He is up for adoption, having fully healed. His differences are only in what people see.  He doesn’t think he’s any different than any other cat.  He just runs and plays and purrs and shows McLove to anyone willing to stop and say “hi”.

He loves people, reminding us the incredible ability of an animal to forgive and move forward.  He was a first hand witness to how terrible a single person can be, but has also been an eyewitness to how Angels here on Earth can make a difference.

His medical procedures are behind him.  The bill remains and so do the scars, but McLovin reminds us every day that all that matters is today and tomorrow.  He doesn’t dwell on the past, he just wants to play and chase the laser light and climb up the cat tree.  He just wants to be loved and mclove someone back.