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Bondi--In our Hearts


She’s more than likely asleep right now.  In her heated bed in the Welcome Room.  It’s her bed, in her room, in her home.  She is home, and for the rest of her life, this will be her home;  filled with love, compassion and tolerance.

It wasn’t too long ago, she had no home.  It was early May, 2012 and this cat, who’s age may never be known, so is simply put as old enough to have seen it all.


Some people go about their days and watch the world go by, yet see very little.  Then there are others who, regardless of what they are doing can spot someone in need a mile away.  Thank goodness, and thank God, the volunteers of FFRC have that special radar where they sense a cat in need and can pick it out from a distance.


Out for a daily run, Jennifer C, our photographer who brings the faces of our beloved cats into our focus spotted what she thought looked like a young black cat off in the distance.  Most people wouldn’t have spotted her, some who did might have just kept on running, but not a FFRC volunteer, so Jen slowed down and made her way to the cat, who did not run away. 


She spoke softly to the cat, called her husband and said “come pick me up and bring a cat carrier.”  Spouses of volunteers know when that call comes, they best be on their way and do as told.


Jen was able to get the cat to come closer to her and picked her up.  It was at that moment she realized this was not a kitten, but an adult cat that was little more than skin and bones.


Jen and her husband rushed her to FFRC and Jacci immediately began treating her and bathed her.  She weighed less than 5 lbs.  Jacci told Jen that it is rare you are able to put your hand around the mid-section of a cat and feel its organs.  Neither of them was sure this cat would survive.  She was severely dehydrated and much too dehydrated to even be tested.  But that wasn’t even a concern at that point.  The more immediate concern would be would she make it through the night.


Fluids and care were given and Jacci was able to test later the next day.  While the tests were negative, her future was still in doubt as she was fragile, malnourished and still dehydrated.  Knowing it was a miracle she was still hanging on, Jen asked Jacci if she could name her Bondi.  Bondi is a type of sweat band that Jen wears when running (Bondi Bands) and just as Jen gets strength from her running, she knew this sweet girl needed as much strength as possible to survive.


And survive she did.  She spent most of her first few months in Dodgers Pen, using the stairs a web cammer had donated to climb in and out when she wanted.  As she gained strength and would make her way around the Center, something became very clear about this old girl;  other cats are not to her liking.  She growls and hisses and generally makes it clear to all, “get out of my way or you will feel my wrath.”  So one day she made her way to the Welcome room, found a heated bed she liked and the transformation in her personality was amazing.  She was happy and stress free!  She had found her home.


Bondi still has good days and bad days.  Sometimes she has trouble eating, but through love and compassion she lives the lap of luxury, courtesy of all the volunteers.  When Jen comes she always greats her “Bondi girl” and gives her a big, a kiss and lots of love.


 She knows it’s a miracle for each day Bondi has with us and we know it is a miracle that FFRC exists and all its volunteers have that special “radar” that finds those in need and knows just where to bring them.


Some use the term Christmas Miracle to describe incredible moments around this time of year, well for us, every day is a Christmas Miracle that we get to be reminded just how much healing and love can do.


Merry Christmas Bondi girl, we’re so glad your home.






Update:  On April 15, 2013, our Dear Sweet Bondi girl said her final goodbye.  She passed away peacefully while being held.  We had her for only a short time, but we witnessed her transform from a barely recognizable cat to a a wonderful member of our FFRC family, one who will always be in our hearts.