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Big Al -- Zen Master

Deep breaths everyone.  Very deep breaths.  Some days can be more stressful than others.  But one must not allow the stress to touch your inner-self. 

My name is Big Al and I am a Zen Master.  I once was stressed but decided there was a better way.  You see as a cat once you find your inner Yoda, life is so much better.

Prior to my inner-self discovery mine was not a happy existence.  My self-worth was constantly called into question by the humans that claimed they owned me.  I was not their pet, I was their toy; to play with when they wanted and to put out and ignored when it suited their needs. 

And then, just after my second birthday June 15, 2007 I found enlightenment.  On that day the human that had claimed me put me in his car, drove me a distance and opened the door.  He put me on the ground and said “good luck, you are useless to me.”  And then he drove away.

I know I should have been scared, but I felt free.  I looked around and saw the beautiful land so green and colorful.  I felt a feeling of happiness I had never known before.  I was born May 20, 2005 but I started living June 15, 2007.

As I made my way up the walkway I saw some people and I could feel they meant me no harm.  I just strolled up to them and one of them looked at me and said “oh, my garsh.  Where did you come from?”

She reached out to let me sniff her hand and I felt like I had known her my whole life.  She asked me if I was lost, I did not reply.  She told me, well now I was found, I let out a meow.  I had found my home.

At first, momma Jacci tried to get me to go inside, but we had a long talk after a few weeks.  She listened to my concerns and desire to seek the life of out-side enlightenment.  At first she was skeptical, but I made my case using waste management techniques’ that others have marveled at.  We talked again and it was decided that since I sought enlightenment, I would with the other cats who had found their own light.  I became a Sun Porch Cat.

I am free to explore my inner self in a way that keeps my stress down and my mind clear. I am friend to all especially those humans who seek comfort in my knowledge and join me in my meditation with warm pets to the chin.  I will share a secret with you, it is during these moments of comfort that my humans are allowed to use my complete and proper name, Big Black Baby Al.

I especially enjoy joining my human friends on the picnic table while we enjoy a beautiful bounty in the fresh Ohio air.  And when our meal is done, I always enjoy a good brushing; because a good brush helps to remove the impurities from my coat and keeps me feeling fresh for days.

And it is not just the humans I share my inner peace with.  I am especially fond of momma Jacci’s dogs.  They are a joy to know but they have yet to find their inner peace and my only complaint of them is that they insist on ruining a good Zen moment with a bark.  If only they could learn not to bark.  They would be so much happier.

 And so I say to all of you, my friends who are friends of the Friends of Felines Rescue Center, take deep breaths and let your inner-being be at peace.