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Anony -- The name means Angel

Name:   Anony

Birthday:  December 10, 2010 

Came to live in Cats Cove:  November, 2011

Favorite Treat/Toy: Bonito Flakes and catnip Bananas

Happy Day everyone and welcome to Sweatin with Sevaun.  I’m Sevaun and today our Special Guest is everyone’s favorite flamepoint…that meezer himself;  Anony.  Take it away Anony!

Hi everyone.  I’m Anony.  Some of you who watch the web cam may remember me when I was in the main center.  For those that don’t here’s my story.  I was born December, 10, 2010.  About 11 months later I found myself on the streets, alone and cold.  I could tell you how I ended up there, but I’d rather not think about those months I spent trying to find food and shelter.

One day it was really very cold.  I had heard about this place called FFRC from some of the scuttlebutt around town.  So I tried to find it.  I knew it was my only chance for survival.  One day, while traveling on the road, it was just so cold.  I saw this moving machine thing and climbed up under the hood because it was warm there.

Then I heard this big noise and the moving machine started moving.  I hung on for dear life.  Then after a while it stopped and I meowed a little because I was so scared it was going to start again.  Then the hood opened up and this wonderful woman named Linda looked at me and said, “oh my goodness.  How did you get in there?” 

She wrapped me in a warm blanket and held me close.  I don’t think I ever felt so happy or so loved.  Linda said “I’m taking you to Jacci right away.”  And she did.  Momma Jacci checked me out from head to tail.  I remember them both saying how lucky I was that I wasn’t hurt.  Little did they know how hard I held on while Linda was driving.  And thank goodness she’s not a speed demon.  I don’t think I could have held on.

So on November 9, 2011 my life changed furever.  Finally I didn’t have to worry about my next meal or keeping warm.  Momma Jacci said so.

I didn’t have a name.  No one ever gave me a name before.  People would see me and just say “cat” or “kitty” or some other words I didn’t understand.  Momma Jacci sat me down one day and said my name would be Anony.  I looked at her with a strange look on my face as I wasn’t sure I liked the name and then she explained where it came from.

In the fall, 2011 the washer broke in the main Center.  They do loads and loads of washes every day, so it was a big deal.  And they are not cheap.  The dryer was also old and on its last legs.  So I guess momma Jacci knew she needed to buy at least a washer and someday a dryer.  But she worried about how to pay for it.  Then one day this man drove up to her in the parking lot and simply said “hi” gave her an envelope and drove away.  She opened it up and in it was a gift card for Lowes for $750, it simply said from anonymous.

She was stunned and so very grateful.  Then a few hours later another envelope was delivered.  It said to open up with boxes that night.  So she did.  In it was a note that said “from Mr. Anonymous’ wife, for the new washer and dryer.”  Inside were two $500 gift cards from Lowes.  Combined, it was enough for a new washer and dryer.   So in honor of these two angels, and all the people who do wonderful things every day without the need for notice or fan fair, I was named Anony.

Once she told me that story, I changed my mind and decided I liked the name Anony.  It stands for goodness.  It stands for those who see what needs to be done and just do it.  I am proud to be called Anony.

So once I got my name I had to get used to FFRC.  At first I was scared in the Center.  There were so many other cats, as well as some very loud noisy kittens.  There was this one little kitten who cried so loud my eardrums almost burst.  I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed out, though and got really stressed about that.

Momma Jacci tried to talk to me and tell me it was best if I stayed indoors, but I hate to be confined.  I promised I would give it a try and I did.  Really, I did.  But it got so stressful.  I just wanted to spend a little time outside.  I got so upset I started spraying all over the place.  And every time someone got too close I just got so stressed.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  So momma Jacci said let’s see if maybe Kitty City would be less stressful.

I was a little scared but thought I would give it a try.  Let me tell you, from the minute I walked in, the other cats were great.  They are all so cool and laid back.  I went up to each of them and introduced myself and they would be like, ‘hey, whatever’.  Or ‘sure,  the litter box is over there, take the top bunk if you want it.’

It was great and all my stress went away.  Then about a month ago, we got moved to Cats Cove.  The other cats kept telling me I would love it here and I do.  We get to go outside for a few hours every day.  I love to follow the chickens around.  They are pretty cool.  Those geese have serious issues though.  They keep honking at me every time I get too close.  And I’m not very fond of the goats. 

I love being a Cats Cove cat.  I don’t feel any more stress.  My good friend Linda visits me too.  She always gives me an extra hug.  And I always remember that she saved my life and brought me here to have the best life.

Well that’s my story.  Oh, and I like bonito flakes, if anyone wanted to know.  Those catnip banana’s are pretty good too!

Ok Sevaun, back to you!

Thanks Anony.  Well, for today’s workout, we are going to lift our tail up not once, not twice but five times.  Ok, let’s do it.  One, two, three, four…ohhhhh five!  Yay!  That was great.  Well this is Sevaun from Cats Cove saying:

Keep it real cats, and make sure you've licked your hoomin today!