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Ada Jane -- The Eldest

Oh my!  Such activity around here lately.  So many kittens.  Just when I think I’ve got them all counted, another bunch peeks around the corner.  It’s hectic but also fun.

I was told this funny story that made me laugh.  Apparently the other night on the chat box thing, someone asked “who’s that” when I walked by.  Someone answered “Ada Jane”.  And then someone said “She must be new.”

Oh, my goodness.  No, I’m not new, but don’t be calling me old either.  I prefer oldster.  Anyway, I thought I would tell you all about myself because with all the new friends on our web cam, some people may not know me because I’m may not be as active as some of those little kittens.

Well, my name is Ada Jane.  I was born February 10, 1995.  Yup, last century!  As hard as this is for me to believe, I am the oldest cat here.  When you get to be 17 years old, well I’ve seen a few things in my time.

As a kitten I lived in this really nice home.  I loved my family and I thought they loved me too.  I would run and play and make them laugh.  I thought they would love me forever.  Then just before my 10th birthday in 2005, they put me in a carrier and took me to a local shelter.  

They never really explained to me why they stopped loving me.  They never really said anything to me.  I stayed in the carrier while they told the people at the shelter that I was simply too old for them now.  They wanted to get a kitten.  They wanted a cat who would run around and do fun things.  And I just wasn’t fun anymore for them.  I remember the woman at the shelter told them that I would probably not be adopted by anyone and that after 30 days I would be put to sleep.  I like to take naps and to sleep, but something about the way she said “sleep” made me think it was not a good thing.

I thought my family would say “oh, well then we’ll take her back home.”  But they didn’t.  They just left me.  The woman at the shelter looked at me and said “I’m so sorry.  Let’s hope for a miracle, ok.”

Every day some new people would come by my cage and look in at me and I would tilt my head and let them know I was friendly.  They would all smile at me and then say something like “What a shame, so sweet but oh, she’s just too old for us.”

After a many weeks, one of the workers there came to my cage and said “tomorrow’s the sad day, sweetie.  I will make a call to a friend and see if we can do something.”

A few hours later I met momma Jacci.  She smiled at me and asked me if I would like to come and make some new friends.  I tilted my head and let out a little chirp.  You see, over the years my voice has kind of left me.  I don’t really need to speak loud, momma Jacci knew I was saying yes.

I love my home here at FFRC.  I just love the big oak tree.  I can climb in one of the holes and go real deep and just sleep for hours without anyone bothering me.  Not that anyone really bothers me.  I have made so many friends in my 7 plus years here.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a fight with anyone.  The thing about getting older though is sometimes you also lose some of your friends; especially some very dear ones.

I really miss my dear friend Mr. Purrbody.  He and I would sit on the windowsill and watch the birds for hours.  Every so often we would just turn and look at one another; we never needed to say a word.  We would look at each other and slowly fall asleep.  He was a good friend.  I do miss him but know he’s at peace.

I remember when I met my friend Dodger.  Oh he was so sick and frail.  I didn’t think the poor guy would make it.  But he did.  He would walk around in his sweaters and look so dignified.  He was a good soul.  I remember he once told me that he knew he didn’t have too much longer with us, but that he was going to be grateful for every moment he had.  And he was, right up to the end.

And my dear friend Twinkle.  She shared a love of the old oak tree.  We would both just climb up on a branch and go inside a whole and it was just so comfortable for us.  She too knew she didn’t have much time and was so happy to spend her last month’s surrounded by love.

Next to the old oak tree, my favorite place to stay sleep is on top of the dryer.  It is so warm there.  When it’s on I can feel it moving back and forth and it is just the best.  I remember my friend Murka used to love to sleep on top of the dryer with me.  I miss Murka too.  And of course, I miss my dear friend, Tonio.

I know us oldsters aren’t as fast as those kittens.  Maybe we don’t climb and jump quite like we used to, but we all have something to add to our home.  We even have something to teach the young ones.  I like to drink from the faucet.  I will sit in the sink and give a little chirp and one of my human friends will turn on the water just for me.  I’ll drink and drink and when I’m done I’ll leave.  I laugh at Badu.  I like the sink for drinking, she likes to take baths.  Anyway, a little kitten climbed up on the edge of the sink the other day and watched me take a drink.  She put her head in and tried to take some water too.  Of course she then fell in and got all scared, but some day she’ll get the hang of it.  And when she does, I’d like to think someone will remember that I taught her that.

Now, as some of us get older we also find out that sometimes while we don’t move as fast as we used to some body parts work faster.  And well, I’ve been known to have an “accident” or two on the rugs.  But I’m never yelled at, am always sorry and did wish I could control it.  But sometimes you do have to take a few “issues” with all the good.

I do like just sitting here and chatting with my good friend Magenta.  She and I have seen a lot in our lives.  We watch the kittens running and discovering things for the first time.  They are always so proud of themselves when they figure something out.  We laugh at Putter too, always walking around mumbling “little monsters” or “whippersnappers”.  But we don’t get angry with the kittens.  We just smile at them.

 And when they get adopted, it’s so nice to see their loving families hugging them and playing with them, promising them they will take care of them forever.  My hope for them is simple, that when they get older and don’t run as fast or play as much that they remain loved and are never thought of as something with an expiration date.  And if they ever find themselves with the odds against them, that they find a friend who will be there and appreciate them for whom they are, not what they can no longer do.  Having friends is just the best thing ever, on good days and bad days; when you are young and not so young.

 Well that’s my story.  Thank you for listening to me, friends.

Note:  On May 20, 2015 Ada Jane passed away.  She gave so much love and was given so much love.  She died surrounded by her true family.  The family that loved her unconditionally and reminded us all that love is ageless.  Ada Jane lived for 20 years, and her final 10 years she was allowed to be the cat she was determined to be.  She may be gone, but she remains in our hearts.